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Bill Slawski
Interested in seo, search engines, searchers' behaviors, the future of search, the semantic web, music, the environment, and how the Web works.
Interested in seo, search engines, searchers' behaviors, the future of search, the semantic web, music, the environment, and how the Web works.

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Is it a planet or a Dwarf Sun?
Only 21 light-years from the Sun in Pisces, is SIMP0136 a well-studied brown dwarf star… or so folks thought. But UCSD’s Adam Burgasser has helped nail down that it’s more of a free-drifting planet, with mass of about 13 times that of Jupiter, right at the boundary between brown dwarfs and giant planets. Free-floating planets are easier to study because their dim light isn’t overwhelmed by the brightness of their host stars, which blinds the instruments that astronomers use to characterize an exoplanet’s atmosphere. That meant astronomers had already detected fast-evolving weather patterns on the surface.

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Join us for a conversation about SEO and Search on this Tuesday.  If you have a question about SEO, ask in the event thread, and we will try to answer it during the hangout on Air.  See you then! :)
Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout is a weekly chat and discussion event. The main crew are #SEO and #marketing folks (of some note) but guests come from all sorts of jobs and interests and our discussions may meander onto all sorts of topics.

The norm for discussion shows is to carefully pick guests and topics. That's where this show is most Bogus. This is a casual chat between interesting people and whoever joins is welcomed. Serendipitous chaos is our USP.

Our habit is to simply throw out a few invitations to guests without much (if any) ado, often without asking them in advance, and simply seeing who is free to turn up.

Regular crew:
+Bill Slawski-
+Ammon Johns-
+Kristin Drysdale-  
+Terry Van Horne- 
+Jennifer Slegg-  

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Google to come out with an indoors variant of GPS, called VPS -Visual Positioning System. It sounds really useful.

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At this years Google I/O developer's conference, they told us about a new augmented reality feature that they were bringing to smartphones. Something that sounds like a smarter Google Goggles. I'm looking forward to it.

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Ammon Johns points out one of the secrets about blogging that is good for most bloggers to know. Your blog can shape how people think about you, and what they think of when they think of you.

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Google was granted a continuation patent this week on how it might include in its inverted index of the Web phrases that commonly co-occur on pages on the web for certain queries.  There is a good chance that Google has been using this semantic approach to indexing content on the Web for over a decade. How well do you know Phrase-Based indexing?

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Happy to report that the Google Merchant Center now supports and recommends JSON-LD for Schema Markup.

"We recommend you add new structured data markup with JSON-LD, separate from your HTML markup, especially if your product data contains variants." 

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Just started seeing images in mobile search results for ticket queries (see attached for [kendrick lamar tickets]). Looking into what powers them now. Does anyone know offhand what markup Google is looking at when pulling these images into the SERPs? Might be MusicEvent image but it doesn't seem to be on every page that has these.

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There have been some interesting announcements about structured data at this conference in years past. I expect more this week.
"Stand out on Google Search using structured data and search analytics"

The must-see Google I/O 2017 talk for structured data aficionados. Description from the I/O site:

Learn how to make your site stand out on Search. Google increasingly uses structured data to understand a site's content and present better web results to users. This trend has created a growing opportunity for site owners to optimize their performance on Search. Find out how to measure the impact of implemented markup and diagnose potential problems, as well as how to choose the best markup for your site. Then, see examples of how Google uses markup end-to-end to create engaging and useful search results.

#structureddata #google #googleio
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