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Now this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I know that gyroscopes and partially automated mechanical devices are in everything, but except for on smartphone racing games, it's pretty rare to see them displaying their work so prominently. We may never get a real hovercraft (at least the way sf depicts them) but this sure does act like one.
The world's first "spherical flying machine" developed by Japan's ministry of defense. It can hover like a helicopter and take off and land vertically. If it hits an obstacle, it can maintain its trajectory through the use of gyroscopes. It can roll along the ground and walls to maneuver into position. The prototype is made of commercially available parts costing just $1,400. It's equipped with a camera.

I realize this was made for defense and spying, but at this price I'm guessing someone will be able to make a toy out of it as well. :-)

PS: I was going to share the throwable ball camera this morning, but +Trey Ratcliff beat me to it (, so I'm going with the Japanese drone instead :-)

I've been rocking the dumb phone/iPod touch (1st gen, wooo!) combo for quite a while, and I've been happy with it. I was looking forward to yesterday's refresh because I wanted to add a decent camera to the mix, and finally have a device that's not stuck in the stone-age of mobile OS's.

Lo and behold, the camera get's no update, and remains a less-than-1MP piece of so and so that belongs in a $15 phone. The processer remains the A4 which means that out of the box it's hobbled by never being able to have features like Siri or Airplay mirroring along with the countless other future applications that will require the A5. Lesser complaints include the fact that a so called media device still starts with a grand total of 8GB, we're still stuck with the 3.5 screen even though the market has clearly spoken for 4 inches being the sweet spot. And finally (and this was a long shot anyway) no 3g, which nowadays is the single biggest differentiator of a mobile device. A device that can do anything anywhere is like saying to a customer, "No worries, no worries at all."

So in exchange for...let's recap...nothing! We get a $30 dollar price drop and a white version. Let's put it this way, the hand picked Apple enthusiasts and tech bloggers were silent during this part of the announcement. These are the people who cheered for Cards for god's sake!

All this, plus the advertising, is indicating to me that Apple is trying to make the iPod touch a (relatively) low cost children's toy. Parents don't have to worry about data plans or private internet usage outside the house, Apple gets an iPhone lite in the hands of younger and younger kids, and kids don't care about voice activation or a decent camera because they're too busy complaining about how it can't text.

All this rant is to say, that it's depressing. And makes me want an iPhone 4s. Which is precisely what Apple wants.

The Kindle Fire looks pretty awesome, but I still think I'm going to wait at least until the second generation. That's a good general rule for hardware, but I'm not sure it'll really apply to this. The specs look awfully good, and the price looks even better.

I think the iPod touch is more the tablet for me, since it can fit in my pocket and has a camera (or at least the one I'm going to get will) sigh if only it got 3g.

This is all to say that the Fire is tempting now, but once it gets a little sleeker, and the battery life gets a little better, it'll be irresistible.

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Astronauts FTW
One of the last pictures I took yesterday - Aurora Australis - the southern lights - dancing with the constellation Orion. An amazing moment.

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Huh... I always thought that was Madagascar.


Good thing that arrow's there. Otherwise I never would have been able to find the end of the green line.

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I just searched for [ lol ] on Google+ and found this in the search stream. [ lol ] never fails to cheer me up. :-)

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I'm going to see Moneyball later today. I'm looking forward to the dialogue inserted by the consulting statistician deep understanding of baseball statistics the movie will instill in all its viewers.

But seriously, I'm excited about it. Not as much as The Muppets, but that would be hard to top.

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Cat photos, they make the internet great, they will probably be it's downfall. Or at least, once it becomes self aware, it'll wonder why it thinks about cats so much. Kind of like us. Without further ado, it's Dax the Cax.

(One of the last pictures the poor late Cybershot took, *sniff*)

I so wish I had gone here for middle/high school:

Space Coast, Ghost to Ghost!

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During the course of work, I write down lists of schools I need to remember. If it's, say, Central Elementary, Middle, and High School, I write...

Central EMH

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