Iron Fist Episode 2 -- And now the ugliness reveals itself. China girl beats up a gang of thugs like something straight out of The Force Awakens. But wait.... One of the thugs is a girl!? What's going on? Ah, she instructed them to attack her, Cato style. She then cuts them down like some sort of drill sergeant. I think she uses the word "shit" at some point. The other female character tells her brother to grow some balls. These women are not women at all. Or at the very least, they have no class. Meanwhile... we have the toxic dad and the perpetually frustrated son routine going on. Combined with a really creepy monologue by the creepy dad about getting beat by his creepy dad. This is bizarre world propaganda: women are tough, men are creepy. It's really gross. It's also bad drama. El Creepo dad actually turns out to need Iron Fist. He has a common cause with the hero. Too bad they put so much energy into tearing down like they did because all I want is to see this asshole crammed into a dumpster by hate-ninjas at this point.
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