Iron Fist Episode 11 -- More Iron Fist lore is revealed. Like... another eyedropper full. I don't understand it. Or maybe I do. I have a theory anyway. They make this stuff up as they go. Like the Lost series. And they add to the backstory only as much as they need to have another episode. Because everything they add is just too much to keep up with.

I like this new monk character. He's a good monk. Totally should have been the real Iron Fist. Like he actually believes in the mission. Of course, having yet another monk be non-Chinese sorta takes away from the uniqueness. Don't care, though. This dude is too danged likable. As a character and as an actor. Holy crap, he is the only one that has a moral code! Plus... he likes pizza. A little. He's the only human being in the entire thing, really.

They keep digging with the others. Danny is derelict in his duty. But he did have dragon time. And he saw a crane. Okaaaaaay. So maybe fate or the spirit world has everything under control. Danny sure doesn't Deus ex machina is the only thing that can sort this out.

Meanwhile... Waifu chick feels bad for betraying her boyfriend. Good. You know, humping something that is your sworn enemy without letting him in on the fact that you are his sworn enemy is kind of a dick move. Why would anyone feel bad for you?

And to hammer on the point again: romance and heroism are impossible without liable characters. In fact, telling stories of romance and heroism requires you to make an effort to keep the characters likable. The creators of this show don't even try. The definition of liability derive from Christian/Western concepts of right and wrong. And they hate that stuff. So much that they can't tell stories.

I'll tell you what they do have. The Dojo of Dumb and Hand University. The graduates...? They are uber-diverse. And I couldn't be happier then the annoying waifu punk girl gets turned over to Big Heavy 2.0 by here own brainwashed students. I was cheering. TIME FOR YOUR COMEUPPANCE, BITCH!!!!

But wait.... you know, this character would never do this. I mean... people in a cult or any organization really... they figure out real quick how to toe the line. She would have never have been shocked to get on the bad side of the powers that be. It just doesn't work that way. To be as high up as she was-- cell leader, really-- she would have seen many people over the years suddenly get "ideas" and then be smacked down, kicked out, chastised, whatever.

And she would have been the first to tell the idiots that they had it coming and should have known better.

Note the trick here. They need to make her likable so she can hump Danny again. But how to they do it? By making her absolutely stupid and inhuman. You have to change these Marvel shows into something totally different half way through BUT THEY DID NOT THINK ANY OF THIS THROUGH.

Like... say this is where they were going with this all along. Have girl see Danny Iron Fist out. She seems to fall for him. He's brushing her off. Maybe he rescues her. She lets her teach her students. He gets into it. He fights some Hand on the side. Saves some widows and orphans. Hottie totally digs him. He's living large! Running a company, too.


How does that one end...? Well... when Danny is fighting the Hand boss at the midway point through the season, he gets in trouble. Turns out... Waifu girl has fallen for his qualities of awesomeness. (Heroism. Plus... he's good in bed. Think Blazing Saddles, yo.) She takes a bullet for him or something... and he stoically endures the loss of his first girl. Girl #2 asks about it sometimes and he just stares into the distance and says, you know... this is why I can't get to close to anyone. It wouldn't be fair to you. (??)

So what do you get instead of stuff like that? You get Dardevil-Nurse-Lady lecturing Danny on the Freudian concept of suppressed emotions threatening to bubble out of him and rage out of control. It's like Mystery Men. Danny is Mr. Furious. You must control your anger or your anger will control you.

In a word, it's freaking stupid. You've got guys here that spent their whole life training in a monastery and the chick that put all her skill points in First-Aid and Contacts (Hospital) is the one schooling everyone on spirituality. They didn't even give her a scene where she goes to the church from The Blues Brothers movie, either. She just sits on her couch reading a few books she picked up from Barnes & Noble.

Fortunately evil creepy nutso dad is here to take the fight to the bad guys. I just wish they'd stop milking the scenes where he shows physical affection to his daughter. They are totally over-creeping the creep factor.

Which... wait a second. If there's one thing that all girls are expert on it's identifying creeps. Why didn't she get the hell out of dodge? Isn't her spider sense tingling...? No...? WELL WHY THE FRACK NOT?!
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