Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1: This is not bad. I don't see anything particularly objectionable about this series so far... which is RARE. Interesting data point: it almost passes the Jeffro test. Dude wants kung fu girl's attention and he just can't merit it. Then she spies him beating up security guards that are trying to kill him. This is insufficient. It's only the full Jeffro when the protagonist is consciously facing down a romantic rival. (See Big Trouble in Little China for a hilarious example.) Without the conflicting motives, there's a lot less at stake. So the drama is lessened. Girl here is being played as a peer, not a romantic interest. She's likable for what she is, but interest and investment is lessened. Granted this is just the first episode, but still... it's like we're being teased with these pulled punches.
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