Iron Fist Episode 5 -- So dude comes back after a 15 year stint in Mythic Kung Fu Elfland. He doesn't just have super powers. He isn't just the best trained fighter in the world. He's a billionaire.

Here's the thing I can't believe. All the women around him fail to realize that (a) a chump this huge would be putty in their hands if only (b) one of them would step up and play the girlfriend bit. They could totally be Jezebel to his push-over Ahab. All they got to do is play footsie on a dinner date. Laugh at his jokes.

The reality is that there would be some pretty fierce competition for this guy's attention. On this show...? He has to bring dinner to the Dojo of Dumb while going out of his way to insist that it really isn't a date. All the while suffering from the snark of this castoff character from the Daredevil series that could never really make it with a superhero either.

But hey, something is finally happening anyway. There's some kind of drug thing going down. Our superpowered Kung Fu master...? He needs the help of a plucky and good looking cage match fighter.

All of this show. All of this set up. It's to establish a female character that's capable of bailing out a SUPERHERO from trouble. That's what it's all for.

It's the same thing they did to Mad Max. They can't even let a guy play a lead role in his own series. A billionaire is incapable of holding down a girlfriend. It's just bizarre.

But hey. I guess you can't have superhero stories play out like some sort of male power fantasy or something. But who the hell has fantasies like this?!
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