Iron Fist Episode 8 -- Fight with 350 pound dude? Takes 2 seconds. Swordfight with another waif...? Takes five minutes PLUS it requires an assist from another dame.

The show just rumbles on into deeper incoherence. Now that Danny has a girlfriend, he shows his softer side routinely. He's out for blood, but only waifu girl knows how to control anger. Danny goes the full fight club on Drunken Master. He finally has Chinese Hitler woman right where he wants her, but he grows a conscience at the last moment.

It's almost like assertive killer Danny is the real threat here. Toxic masculinity is the real specter. Every time dude starts to protag, someone invokes some kind of weird eastern mysticism to rationalize passivity and ineffectuality.

Action without plot. Incidence without any consistency with previous episodes. Just throw another fight scene in and people will come.

Speaking of which, how many fighters has Madame Guo burned through at this point. Combined with the ones she has personally executed, how in the hell does she stay in business.

So you've got the ultimate heavy played by a woman. Super-nurse plays the Ghandi style conscience. Super girlfriend does all the real winning. And then high powered office girl is smart enough to play hardball and hire Jessica Jones to get dope on all the board members. She's the only person that is doing anything with any sort of plan. The only one that is remotely competent.

Into this we have hallucinating addict dude. Everything he has is because of evil dad. Having a father active in his life is actually more emasculating than being henpecked by two women that role their eyes at a billionaire that brings "Not a Date" takeout to the Dojo of Dumb.

The "My Two Mommies" Cage Fighter actually has more of an arc. He kept his nose clean and did the opposite of his sensei's actions and ascended to a higher level of feminized socialization than any other character. All of the winnings for you, sir! Nobody else is going anywhere. But they sure have a lot of feelings!
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