Iron Fist Episode 6 -- This is the first episode that's actually about Iron Fist. All the others were about his non-romantic love interest. She's suddenly all fretful and worried over her man. Who's new her man. It's disorienting watching her transition into a purely "helper" oriented role. It's like an entirely different series until she takes out a man three times as big as her in less than three seconds.

I did like seeing the concept of the constant ritual battles for rank straight out of the AD&D monk. No idea why the hero is honor bound to fight three unfair battles in a row against an opponent that's okay with cheating.

Half a hint is divulged about The Hand and Chinese Elfland, but it's hard to care. Eastern style teachers just don't live up to Western moral codes and they suck here as much as they do in Star Wars. But beyond that, I don't expect the writers to pay anything off. They're too comfortable with incoherence to really get the concept, but I'm willing to take that back if they do anything at all interesting.

How badass do you have to be to get to kiss the girl in these things, anyway...?
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