Iron Fist Episode 10 -- This show! First we get a repeat of The Kingpin's back story. Now we are dropped into the Inhumans arc from Agents of SHIELD. Iron Fist is like everything that sucks from the Marvel TV shows put together!

This episode has one line that sums it all up. "You're like the worst Iron Fist ever." Why? That rings so true. It's like the only theme that really matters in this show. Because the concept is Iron Fist: The Least Heroic Superhero We Could Come Up With.

But it gets worse.

All that triumph we felt when out Non-Hero conquered the big bad? Ha ha! What, you actually that that was an accomplishment?! With this big a putz? No, that was just a replacement of Hand Boss 1.0 by Hand Boss 2.0.

And My Two Mommies Guy? You actually thought it was a good thing when he got a scholarship so he could support his two moms? Oh ho! Dude, he got scholarship to The Hand University!

Oh, and that time Danny got laid? With a girl that wasn't really interested in him? Who suddenly warmed up to him because there was a change in the non-plot background noise coming...? Well I could tell you what was going on with that, but it would BLOW YOUR MIND. (Hint: there's a reason why she's so good at martial arts. Herp derp!!!)

So this show went from two subplots last episode to now being a faceoff between two heavies: Undead Monster Dad and Hand Boss 2.0. The "hero" is such a noncharacter, the only way for there to be a story is to have the two bad guys go at it!!!

The "hero" is just the biggest loser imaginable. Guo knew what was going on. This guy knows nothing. All he does is blunder into traps set by smarter enemies. This whole show is just him failing to clean up the mess he's made from his horrible decisions.

Who watches this stuff? Who is the target audience? WHY???

Seriously, I didn't think it could get worse... but this is the rock bottom point.
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