Iron Fist episode 9 -- Now they have gone on stalling yet again for nearly an entire episode. It's like they have so little plot and they have to pack in all the filler they can to stretch it out over the entire season.

These guys suck at militiary ops. They suck at cloak and dagger. Why can't they do any superhero stuff?

That's the thing that gets me right there. The number of weenies that gush about this being the golden age of superhero television. Gack! Where is the hero? Not one episode of this is a comic book style superhero story. It's just castoff characters fro Daredevil thrown into a blender with sort of half the idea of this third tier comic character. Why can't this guy put on a green suit and a yellow mask and go beat up a bankrobber? Where is the costumed villain up to no good...? It aint there.

You got this guy with kung fu powers interrogating an old woman that outclasses him in every way. He ties up these special forces people and just waits around. Like, what's his plan for letting them go to the bathroom? How can he get away with this at the Dojo of Dumb. Like nobody would notice?

I have not read the old Iron Fist comics. I know Byrne took it over in the seventies. I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that there was no kung fu sidekick girl that beat up 300 lb men in cage matches back then. (Hint: Like Cage was the sidekick, not supergirl.) And this whole subplot with undead dad coming back from the dead getting more monstrous every time...? That's the most interesting thing about this show, but it's not a superhero comic plot.

That's what this is. Two ongoing subplots. WITH NO ACTUAL REAL PLOT. The sort of beats you have here would be interesting if it was just a couple pages out of a monthly comic. But it would have to set up a later plot that actually could hold down an issue or three on its own. But it never comes to that.

You're seeing a repudiation of every conceivable aspect of the pulp ethos with this show. You see Danny screw up the business world. Screw up the cloak and dagger stuff. He almost started investigating something a la Daredevil, but he ends up killing the guy he was supposed to "save". We endure him screwing up having a crush on somebody for five episodes and then he starts humping her so that we can have a big angst session over her getting sick.

When does he get to punch out evil and save the girl? Ah... he saved Russian girl... but she was not romance material and that whole spiel was really about him failing.

Why did he even come back? They keep circling back to that. All of his enemies have a moral high ground over him. (Drunken Master pointed this out) They are true to their vows and he is not. The whole premise of the show is anti-heroic.

Like... why couldn't we have an Iron Fist show where he defends Chinese Elfland against the Hand and then has to come back to earth for some kind of decent reason. Why can't we have an Iron Fist character we like...?
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