Iron Fist Episode 4 -- Sensei of the dojo of dumb returns to New York fight club, this time to take on two dudes at once in a no holds barred cage match. She totally loses it and destroys smart mouth city slicker's face.

Meanwhile, Iron Doofus plays office with zero business experience. He insists on selling wonder drug at cost. Everyone hates him. Disappointing son manages to turn this around into a propaganda victory.

Note the contrast. Conflicted waifu girl sacrifices bushido principles in order to pay her way to do community service in the dojo of dumb, Because feelings matter. Iron Doofus just sort of blunders around. This is supposed to be the romantic tension, but it's all a contrast between her character qualities and his lack of them. Every element of the plot has to undercut anything that can be construed as a male romantic lead doing romantic lead stuff.

Oh, there's some good kung fu action finally. Just one problem. Waifu girl is kind of more awesome in a lot of ways. With all the dramatic energy invested in building her up, there's no sense of release or accomplishment when Iron Doofus cuts loose.

Meanwhile, the Evil Creepy Death Dad whom we are supposed to be sympathetic for after we are supposed to be afraid of...? He jumps the creep shark here.

Who is likable out of all this mess...? Not high powered business girl. She sold out her brother behind the scenes and set loose Iron Doofus in the corporate world.

I don't even know what would salvage this mess. It's just a twisted pile of garbage. The only cool thing out of all of this is that kid Danny somehow went to one of the seven cities of heaven which is only in contact with earth every fifteen years. That's just cool.

The total lack of romantic tension combined with Iron Doofus's complete lack of competence outside of the martial arts studio just mean there's nothing here to get excited about. If Waifu girl had any sense she would have let him mentor the kids there. But hey, I guess "my two mommies" boy is fine without any male influence in his life.
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