Iron Fist Episode 3 -- Everything collapses. Waifu girl beats up the security guards that Iron Fist needed super powers to beat. Why does ghetto kid dishonor himself by fighting for money? So he can support his two moms. Evil nasty monster dad? He obsequiously kneels on broken glass before a matronly specter.

Why does Iron Fist have a thing for Waifu girl? Why is she worth pursuit? This is never established. Waifu girl is an epic sensei teaching her students great martial arts wisdom. But Iron Fist is a goober for bringing male discipline to her safe space dojo! Iron Fist can totally school her on how to fight. But this earns him no respect. Waifu sensei sends him away because... well I guess excellence in fighting is not really what matters in her dojo. Waifu girl always takes some kind of incoherent high road... but by the end of the episode, she goes to fight club and beats up a guy that weighs four times as much as her. The crowd goes wild. Everyone cheers for Mary Sue.

Men are all thoroughly incompetent. Across the board. Iron Fist is a goof threatening people all the time. Monster dad? He's house broken. Evil business guy...? He always screws things up for his dad who is dependent on him. Meanwhile his sister is the only one that knows how to close a deal. The only truly competent person on the show is a female lawyer played by Trinity.

This is the Mad Max effect. Iron Fist can't play the part of a protagonist much less a leading man. They might as well have just made him a girl and be done with it. This show is so sadistic towards men, it's painful to watch.
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