Iron Fist Episode 13 -- Last episode was a sort of a finale. This...? It's like they go out of their way to roll back any semblance of forward movement and development.

The biggest amount of stupid here is that they blithely leave Madam Guo to rot without any food. Then immediately fret over whether or not to kill Undead Mega Creep.

The big moment of the series is supposed to be when Danny overcomes his anger and discovers mercy instead of vengence. But it's completely empty because they always have a character in the extended cast willing to step in and do the deed when the plot dictates it. What should be sense of conclusiveness and resolution is reduced to mere anti-climax.

Meanwhile, in a show teeming with people of deep spiritual training, a random NYC nurse gives everyone she meets smarmy cliched counsel.

The big punchline for the whole thing, though...? Well... you know that guy that deserted his post...? That walked away from the task that he spent 15 years training for? That turned his back on a role that he was CHOSEN for by a mystical space dragon...?


Can't really blame his best monk friend for wanting to kill him. And gee. Maybe this wacky ninja outfit really was a threat to Chinese Elfland all along...!

But the important thing isn't that it happened. It's that Danny be appropriately upset about it while feeling sorry for himself. The important thing is that he be as unheroic as is conceivably possible while still being vaguely innocuous.

But you know what...? If these monks in Chinese Elfland really did have fifteen years to train someone for this role and this is how well they did with someone that had so significant a duty...

Well screw 'em. This is evolution in action. I am so glad they're gone, because it's amazing that people this stupid could hang around as long as they did.
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