Iron Fist Episode 12 -- If the entire series were like this it wouldn't be that bad. Here at any rate is the whole point of why everything was done the way it was.

You get this big fight... three fights at once with the three protagonist fighting characters doing their thing. Everything before this was filler compared to this. Watching it, it's like... why did y'all pull your punches in episode after episode with crappy themed weirdo fighters from the Hand's second string...?

But the moment where the hero was supposed to finally go do the hero thing...? No. Not happening. It's time for waifu girl to come back into full status likable love interest and this is the only way.

It makes no sense, though. Like the student that's been handed the Dojo of Dumb is going to be able to take out the grandmaster of Hand University? While the hero and the best bud just watch...? But she beats him. Has she ever lost a fight? Screwed something up...? Eh, I dunno.

Anyway. There's still more climatic fighting to do. A debate over whether or not to kill the baddie leads to Iron Fist fighting his best bud. This is really anticlimatic.

It's like they're going after two things here. Make waifu girl likable again. And keep Danny unlikable. And undercut best bud as the only character with a functioning moral compass.

The body count has stacked up to insane proportions on this show, Hand Leader #1 already got away already so they've been over this. But Iron Fist and Waifu girl don't want to "become as bad as they are" so they won't kill.

Living weapon is not cool being a weapon.

Guy that's been screaming about killing the Hand and angry with his girl for being the Hand... he doesn't want to destroy the hand anymore.

So the show is all about this guy with no objectives goofing around while the waifu girl that's never screwed anything up gets to be the big damn hero. And the conscience.

I don't get it.
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