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Life is an experiment with no hard & fast rules. Find what works for you!
Life is an experiment with no hard & fast rules. Find what works for you!

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Ready for your app to (candy) crush it on Google Play? Lucky you, we have all the tips you need. Join us on 17/9 to learn best practices and strategies directly from a pro.

Sign up here:

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Our What's New in Android UI Engineering talk from #DroidconNYC  has been uploaded.


+Nick Butcher +Roman Nurik 

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Some very nice implementations in this lot, categorised by their strengths.
To celebrate #materialdesign 's first year in existence, we set out to find some of the best-in-class examples of the system being adopted and applied out in the world. We created a showcase to highlight some of these beautifully materialized apps on Google Play (, and of those 18, we chose 6 for their smart application of specific elements of material design. Read more about the 6 Material Design Award winners over on #io15

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If you've ever taken a screenshot or a screen video from an Android phone, there's a good chance you've been copying and pasting shell commands. I made a tool that does all this in one single click, even on multiple devices at the same time. 

I actually just made this for my team, but it turned out a lot of other people in the company could use it, so I thought other people might find it useful too. 

You can get it here
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support teams been busy, update to testing support as well. Going to be a busy day catching up.
New version of the Android Testing Support Library[0]

The release includes two major additions:
Espresso-Intents[1]: a Mockito-like API that enables hermetic inter-activity testing by allowing test authors to verify and stub outgoing intents.
Test Rules[2]: a set of Junit4 rules that replace ancient framework APIs like ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 and ServiceTestCase.

All samples have been updated and a set of Espresso-Intents samples[3] has been added to help you get started.

Of course, we have also squashed some reported bugs and addressed minor feature requests from android-test-kit[4]. See release notes[5] and javadoc[6] for details.

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Valera Zakharov +Nick Korostelev +Jose Alcérreca and +Stephan Linzner 

#AndroidDev #AndroidTesting


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definitely a must read for Android Devs, some real juicy stuff in this one.
Android Support Library 22.1 - ActionBarActivity is dead, long live AppCompatActivity
You’d be surprised how much we can pack into a 0.1 update to the Android Support Library: revision 22.1 includes improvements to Support V4, AppCompat, Leanback, RecyclerView, Palette, and Renderscript.

Support V4 adds drawable tinting to all API4+ devices, the new ColorUtils class makes working with colors easier, and new interpolators have been added to make great animations.

AppCompat gets a remake as we deprecate ActionBarActivity for the new AppCompatActivity, now built on a AppCompatDelegate that can be used to add AppCompat functionality to any Activity. There’s also a new AppCompatDialog, support version of AlertDialog, improvements to widget tinting, and expanded android:theme support.

Leanback now includes a guided step functionality, making it easy to build a multiple step process that looks great on Android TV.

RecyclerView seeks to make life easier with a new SortedList data structure, making it easy to tie a changing set of data to a RecyclerView.Adapter.

Palette is now 6-8 times faster and has a new Builder pattern for constructing Palette instances.

Renderscript improved reliability and performance and adds additional script intrinsic operations, bringing new pre-defined operations to all API 8+ devices.

Check out everything that has been added in this release and download the updated Android Support Library via the Android SDK Manager.

#AndroidDev   #AppCompat   #SupportLibrary   #Leanback  

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Will come in handy.

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Just gave this a try, really quick and simple to take an existing APK and generate a Chrome App. Still in Beta but once you have ARC installed the process is super simple. Definitely need to make sure you have your tablet layouts sorted out though for the best results.

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The trials and tribulations of writing a gradle plugin.

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If you develop on Android then this is worth watching. The info on the sort of complications they face in emerging markets relating to devices and networks is something that should always be considered when developing your apps. 

Will your app run on a 4 year old device with a poor data connection?
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