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Sunrise on Tank Hill Rd, Muyenga, Kampala
Sunrise on Tank Hill Rd, Muyenga, Kampala

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What if Mary Had Had a Smartphone?

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Book Review: Code 13, Don Brown
Lieutenant Commander Caroline McCormick, Judge Advocate General's Corp (JAG), US Navy, is a highly competent Navy lawyer. On the basis of a stellar stint of handling the personal legal affairs (wills, powers of attorney, etc.) of sailors on a ship about to ...

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Book Review: The Newsmakers, by Lis Wiehl
Engaging book. Nylan Hastings, owner of Global News Network (GNN), is intent on dominating the world of news. To that end, he is looking for a "star" who can be the face of GNN. Greg Underwood has uncovered Erica, currently working at a small town New Hamps...

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Book Review: If I Run, by Terri Blackstock … Hooked me from the beginning
First of all, it's irritating to me to read the first book in a series and find out that I wasn't warned that the story would leave me hanging, but, frankly, that was the biggest flaw in this book and it's one that I can overlook. I was hooked from the firs...

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Best and Worst Books I Read in 2015
So far, as of 19 December 2015, I've read 74 books and 18,615 pages this year and will certainly complete at least one and possibly two more books before the end of the year. That fewer books and pages than in any of the past 3 years. But, of the books I re...

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Book Review: Churchill's Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government, Larry P. Arnn
Arnn sets out to show how Churchill saved free government. He attempts to do so using three macro-themes: War, Empire, and Peace. In each section, Arnn uses Churchill's writings and speeches to decipher his thoughts on these issues and how he influenced Eng...

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Book Review: Serving is a Pilgrimage … it's not always easy, but it's always worth it
John's book gives great insight into the life and thinking of a missionary who is committed to taking the gospel to some of the most resistant people groups on earth. Using short vignettes from his 30-year career as an international missionary, John illustr...

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Bob Allen commented on a post on Blogger.
Just a couple of additions (OK, three):

• First, this is not a forced retirement. The IMB has gone out of its way to try to ensure that it is voluntary — to the point of directing supervisors not to talk to their team members about their decision (until it's made) or to even give their opinion if asked. And, there is no penalty for choosing not to retire.

• Second, think about the impact of this, not just on Southern Baptist missions but, because the IMB is the largest non-Catholic missionary-sending organization in the US, on the whole evangelical missionary movement. IMB personnel interact with personnel from lots of different evangelical organizations, sharing training, information, partnering in strategies, etc.. At the very minimum, Southern Baptists are losing 4,000 years (800 people at 5 years of service) of cross-cultural experience, knowledge, relationships, leadership, influence. In reality, it will be many, many more years than that — more likely 10,000 to 16,000 years of experience!

• For non-Southern Baptists, "LMCO" is the annual missions offering among Southern Baptist churches — the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. All monies given through that offering go directly to the IMB.

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Crippling Crisis or Open Opportunity? Voluntary Retirement of Hundreds of SBC Missionaries
The International Mission Board (IMB) is the core business of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). All human efforts and institutions are marred by sin and the SBC has not been immune to that. It is no secret that the beginnings of the SBC are tainted by ...
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