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TROLL HUNTER ( 2010 ) A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings,
but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They
start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a
troll hunter. THEATRE OF ...

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Bridge of Dragons Movie Review
Title: Bridge of Dragons Format: DVD Year: 1999 Label: Double DVD Pack ( unknown ) Wow! Seriously, this movie is something to behold. Dolph apparently wanted to do a proper action movie after his disappointment with the outcome of his previous film 'Sweeper...

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Traceroute Movie Review
Title: Traceroute Format: Online Screener Year: 2016 Label: Monochrom Here we have a documentary which probes the world of sub / alternative cultures, from techno geeks to biological artist, from alternative dildo scultors to sometimes under-appreciated hol...

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Soul Warriors Legends : Spiritual Showdown Movie Review
Title: Soul Warriors Legends : Spiritual Showdown Format: YouTube Year: 2015 Label: Zion Studios Written by Sean Badger & Dishaun Jones and Directed by Raul Urreola this short martial arts film is certainly unique. This teaser film is essentially a fight sc...

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Princess Movie Review
Title: Princess Format: YouTube 4k Year: 2015 Label: Witching Season Here we have a horror short from Writer/Director James Morris and producer Michael Ballif. This particular film is episode two of 'The Witching Season' series. Each film is a self containe...

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Stone Henge Apocalypse Movie Review
Title: Stone Henge Apocalypse Format: DVD Year: 2010 Label: Anchor Bay From the mind of Paul Ziller, the director of 'Beyond Loch Ness' comes another mythical TV movie with a lot of fake British accents, ridiculous locations and CGI stones. But it can't be ...

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The Death Merchant Movie Review
Title: The Death Merchant Format: DVD Year: 1991 Label: 1st Miracle Pictures Here we have a strange action thriller from Director James Winburn... Who? What is it with all the stunt coordinators making z movies? Well anyhow, here is another one. Not all ter...

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Aquanoids Movie Review
Title: Aquanoids Format: DVD Year: 2002 Label: Screen Entertainment Wow! I will sum it up now and work my way backwards - Stupid, Awful & Brilliant in equal measure. This is true a low budget trash cinema for the die hard trash cinema fans. The general view...

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Title: Killersaurus Format: DVD Year: 2015 Label: 88 Films Back
to some good old home-grown B-Movie goodness with Killersaurus from
prolific low budget filmmaker Steve Lawson ( The Silencer, Survival
Instinct.. ) The entire movie was shot and edited in a...
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