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Dear friends of Pinkly Ever After, I think that it is about time now that I share this with all of you. I think I was one of the lucky ones that were born with a vision and a
mission to spread it. I've always had a clear picture in my heart what I
was her...

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Everland Photoshoot ☆
  Last week, we were super excited to go to Everland~~~!!! Everland is a theme park in Korea, like Disneyland in Japan and Wonderland in Canada~ We dressed as comfy and cute at the same time as much as possible, and we came up with this coordination ^_^    ...

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♡ A Date with Cutest Maid in Japan ♡
    Two weeks ago, we went to a wedding of Mana and Sanhwa~ Mana is the designer of Baroque, a Korean Lolita Brand, and Sanhwa is the music producer who produced Pinku! Project's mini album ^_^   We have known each other for several years now, and it was ve...

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♥ Rose Cream Cake JSK Dress ♥
  It's October~ The weather is getting chilly~ This is the season when I find burgundy color most attractive ++ ♥ So we released a elegant rose printed lolita dress in this color >< ♪     I had fun working with images for this dress because it had lots of...

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☆ Electric Rainbow Tutu ☆
  I want to introduce you our new rainbow tutu ^_^★!! Rainbow tutu series is our most popular series and we have several variations of rainbow tutu.  Electric Rainbow Tutu is our brightest and the most vivid rainbow tutu ever~!  Pretty vivid rainbow colors ...

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Designer Robin's Toy Collection
Hello, darlings~! It's Robin here~ ^ __^)!! I have a soft spot for small plushies and magical toys and I've always wanted to collect them. Finding cute toys has been a challenge for me  until I moved to Korea last year but now I'm starting to build a small ...

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Great coordination item for fairy kei and cult party kei ☆ Be creative with layering and mix&match ★
"Sailor Moon Is My Great Grandma Peignoir" with its detachable bows☆  However you want to coordinate Layer and mix and match ! Be creative ♬ Great for Fairy kei, Cult party kei, and many more of your own unique cute and dreamy styles ! http://pinklyeverafte...

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Pinkly Ever After design process
Your magical fairy godmothers went shopping
for some gifts for you!!  These pink lip sticks, red sparkly lip glosses,
peach hand creams and lip palettes come with your order at Pinkly Ever
After at random~ > _<  Who wants a surprise gifts with Pinkly Eve...

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BL Cosplay photoshoot + meeting with our beloved inspirational artist ♥
Hello darling fairies~ ^_^ ☆   Two weeks ago I experienced something totally new and exciting for me which was.....                         the world of BL cosplay photoshoot !!!             I went to help them out with their make up and photos, and I was h...

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Your fairy godmothers on their break~ ㅇㅅ< ☆
Hello darlings~^_^ ♥ This is your fairy godmother Leah BabySugar~ > 3 < ★ Robin and I went to have a meeting with an K-pop idol entertainment company yesterday~ Although it was a business meeting, we had so much fun! We will make outfits for the cute unit o...
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