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Essentially, it's like having your baby kidnapped, finding it, & then deciding to leave it at the orphanage & adopt a quieter child.
They didn’t want her anymore and rubbed it in her face at the animal shelter.
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There's an epidemic of salty highschool & college students reporting fake hate crimes after the election. What they don;t get is that people will actually check into their stories, & it could cost them anything from a suspended account to jail time.
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I was almost a Jill Sandwich once, then I became one for real.
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They have herbal supplements, cookware, incense, Cadbury & Lindt chocolates among other things. I was pleasantly surprised to find things I spent months looking for in Federal Way, such as Branston Pickle, HP Sauce, sweet low sodium soysauce, canned eel, & willow bark. They're located directly across the Cask & Schooner, which is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at.
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