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I'm Moving...
After what has been a wild and wonderful ride, it's time for a change. If you'd like to go on this new journey with me, please, come along... You can find me at JOHNNA LAFAITH starting January 1st, 2017!! CHEERS

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Imaginative Play with Fort Boards
Earlier this month I came across an amazing company, Fort Boards , on Instagram . Forts have always been a big deal around here. Tent forts, box forts, bed forts. You name it we are probably into it. I've always loved fort kits as well but my kids are too h...

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Library Appreciation Post // #LibraryShelfie
Once upon a time, a time that seems further away than it truly is, the Library was "our" place. When the world was too heavy, the week too long, when the weather inside our house was a storm, a block away was the best place to hide. I miss that, living that...

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Being a Sister
I'm a sister. A big sister. I have a little brother and a little sister. I gave birth to sisters. One big - Lydia and one little - Layla. They are so different and still much alike. Sort of like my sister and myself. I was seven years older than my sister. ...

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Sentimentality, Sacrifices and Mom Stuff
I am always ready for a good gut-spilling. I like to get out and off my chest the things that have been weighing on me. I think we all try to put that "best foot forward", we speak of the gifts, blessings or luck we've had and try our best to paint a pretty...

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Nerdy Tattoo Appreciation Post
I had three tattoos before this one. I don't want to talk about why, or how, or any part of it. It's not a good story. It's not a nice memory. I'm glad I replaced the experience. Sometimes you get tattoos because they're pretty and it doesn't mean anything....

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THINGS MOM TAUGHT ME... about being organized
As part of a Mother's Day themed series, I decided to think outside the box of mushy mom posts. I love a mushy post as much as anyone, but my mom's birthday recently came and went and I did a lot of gushing about her there already. The thing is, my mom has ...

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Layla and the Magnolia
Raising creative children is so important. Watching them wonder and explore and see the beauty around them. All of it is so important in our world. Across the street is a big, pink magnolia tree. Layla and I love it. I'm so envious that it lives all the way...

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Why I'm not a Pet Person
All my pets are plants . I have mild asthma (that has been scary before) and pet hair doesn't do my lungs any favors. Then there is the liter box and the baths and so many things that I just don't want to do. My friends and family have dogs and cats and I l...

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THINGS MOM TAUGHT ME... about good music
I feel like most people can say "My parents loved cool music". Maybe because all that music now seems iconic, but there really is something to it, isn't there? One of my favorite things about my mama is that - sure - she loved "cool" music, but more than th...
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