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SHOCKINGLY Accurate, “DAVID ROCKEFELLER DIES” Bible Code Matrix (Vlog)
Bible code researcher Kara Pickering has found an incredible Bible code matrix that contains the phrase “Rockefeller dies” along with the terms “Chase”, “Manhattan”, “2017” and the specific date on the Hebrew calendar (Adar 22) when he actually died. Rockef...

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As in the Days of Noah: Human Pig Hybrid Created in Lab Transhumanism and Genetic Manipulation
Just recently controversial scientist attempt to create revolutionary human-pig hybrid, by injecting human stem cells into pig embryo. This is the latest example, that we're seeing the Days of Noah all over again, as in the days of Noah man begin to manipul...

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Azealia Banks Animal Blood Sacrifice Witchcraft & Santeria
Azealia Banks Cleans Blood-Stained Room She's Used to Practice Witchcraft for 3 Years, states  'Real Witches Do Real Things,' during video on Instagram. She has been known to teach Santeria on Periscope to her fans/followers, and incorporate occult rituals ...

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Dreamworks Trolls: Trolls Exposed(Occult Magic) Vlog
Dreamworks Trolls, is the newest Hollywood blockbuster hit movie, that has grossed $292 million at the Book Office as of November 30, 2016 We will explore in this expose', the true origins of Trolls, is rooted in the occult, and demonology. Troll on Wikiped...

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Ouija Board: Dangers of Addiction and Spirit Possession! (Vlog)
This is no game!!!!

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Hurricane Matthew Skull Face Demons and Bad Weather(Vlog)

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Bible Prophey Alert High Priest Appointed By Sanhedrin and 3rd Jewish Temple
The video above please view and share it !  The Jewish Sanhedrin just selected an High Priest for the expected 3rd Jewish Temple. Is this a prelude to the Abomination Desolation of  the Anti-christ that Daniel spoke about in Daniel 9:27 and Jesus spoke abou...

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Lady Gaga Gets Her Lyrics Through Sorcery(Drugs/Alcohol=Pharmakeia)
Lady Gaga
interestingly did an interview with CNN reporter Anderson Cooper, on CBS 60
minutes program back in February 2011. She stated the following to Cooper, what
actually inspires to her, to write her lyrics:  "I smoke a lot of pot when I write
music," ...

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What Hip Hop Stars Promote 666 Mark of the Beast?
Why are many Hip Hop stars today promoting 666 The Mark of the Beast in their music videos, and the clothes they wear? Hip Hop stars such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Tyler the Creator are prime examples, of leading this satanic evangelism in the wor...
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