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At least one prominent national politician understands that climate change is a serious foreign-policy issue: 
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This is really unbelievable. Not from Romney. We know what he's all about. But Obama? I really don't know what to think of his climate stance. On the plus side, there's the new auto mileage standard for 2025 and everything DOE and EPA are doing, and the increase in renewables in the country and all. But then there's Todd Stern and the baffling, shameful, bad-guy position the U.S. has taken in every UN COP conference under Obama's watch.

And this with a clear majority of the American people fearing climate change and asking for a more aggressive response from the federal government. This is actually a WINNING issue in this campaign. And there he is, not saying a single word?

He seems likely to win, which begs the question: Which climate Obama will we see in the second term? Is it that, freed from all political concerns, he will unleash the real him and get some serious legislation through Congress, and help local governments and communities do even more, and pump more capital into the private sector, and do a 180 pivot on the Stern position, and go obsessive on the 2C threshold, and secure his place in history as the president that got this done?

Or not?
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