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Wondering what's up with the Theda Skocpol cap-and-trade report you've been hearing about? Here's the deal: 

Skocpol, a Harvard academic, was commissioned by the Rockefeller Family Fund to write a report analyzing what went wrong during the 2009-10 push to pass a climate bill. The resulting 142-page opus -- “Naming the Problem: What It Will Take to Counter Extremism and Engage Americans in the Fight against Global Warming” (PDF, -- has kicked up a lot of controversy, and you can read all about it at +Grist:  

A summary of the report by Grist's +Philip Bump:

A three-part response from Grist's +David Roberts: & &

A response activist and author +Bill McKibben:

A response from author and Environmental Defense Fund VP Eric Pooley:

A response from +Think Progress blogger +Joseph Romm: 

And, finally, a couple of replies from Skocpol herself: & 

Haven't gotten enough yet? Stay tuned -- there might be still more ...
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Just read +Philip Bump's summary. Agreed 100%. The movement has become too reliant on the same tactics that big money uses, rather than than helping citizens to become leaders in fighting the fight. Organized money verssus organized money doesn't work when the other side has a wallet that's way, way bigger than yours. Organized people shifts the playing field. Thanks for sharing this, +Lisa Hymas. 
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