Wondering what's up with the Theda Skocpol cap-and-trade report you've been hearing about? Here's the deal: 

Skocpol, a Harvard academic, was commissioned by the Rockefeller Family Fund to write a report analyzing what went wrong during the 2009-10 push to pass a climate bill. The resulting 142-page opus -- “Naming the Problem: What It Will Take to Counter Extremism and Engage Americans in the Fight against Global Warming” (PDF, http://bit.ly/VBBinH) -- has kicked up a lot of controversy, and you can read all about it at +Grist:  

A summary of the report by Grist's +Philip Bump: http://bit.ly/W4hbN0

A three-part response from Grist's +David Roberts: http://bit.ly/UO0iVO & http://bit.ly/UtIhht & http://bit.ly/XHtVdS.

A response +350.org activist and author +Bill McKibben: http://bit.ly/VWxBcR

A response from author and Environmental Defense Fund VP Eric Pooley: http://bit.ly/13L04FP

A response from +Think Progress blogger +Joseph Romm: http://bit.ly/WrdPDO 

And, finally, a couple of replies from Skocpol herself: http://bit.ly/WgC5sP & http://bit.ly/10HysT3 

Haven't gotten enough yet? Stay tuned -- there might be still more ...
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