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I'm a big deal.
I'm a big deal.
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Was at Meadhall last night, and had a phenomenal #beer named "Chocolate Ale" from Boulevard Brewing out of MO. Great beer, it's light in beer flavor, mildly bittered but strong in this wonderfully delicate but powerful chocolate flavor. First beer that we've ever ALL bought a round of, we always mix it up until this beer.

Interested in doing some usability testing for a game project? Ping me.

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Hi everybody,

CALLING ALL BOSTONIANS! We need testers located in the Boston area to help make a tool being developed even better.

We are a company that provides products and services in the social entertainment industry sector. For our upcoming product, we are looking for volunteers to test it out and provide some feedback. It’s expected from volunteers to take about half an hour. On the completion of the test, each tester will receive a $25 iTunes card as a way of saying thanks from us! The test will be carried out on the 15th of December at a time convenient for you during 9:00am to 9:00pm.

So who are we looking for to test? See if you match these requirements:
- Use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+?
- Have a computer/laptop with internet connection?

We’re looking for you! The great part is that you don’t even have to leave your office or home, the test will be done online with our team and you. Can it get any easier?

Signing up for this particular test is fast, just click the button to RSVP yourself and we’ll be in contact with you shortly to arrange a test with you. Want to have your friends take part too? Fantastic, just share this event with them so they get the iTunes card too.

Sign up. Check out some cool software and tools you don't have to download. Get the $25 iTunes card. Easy!

The die has been cast. If Timeline isn't the cat's meow, my FB account fall down go boom. For good.

Man, had a surge of new people add me while I was in SF. Hello hello!

Spurred on by the +Wil Wheaton brewing question, and the rapid fire connections from other homebrewers, I've created a beer and homebrewing circle. Added a few folks already - drop me a note if you want to make sure you're in it.

Anyone not getting updates or notifications for new content?

Anyone have any suggestions for decent usenet clients that will organize and unzip any binaries I d/l?
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