NPR has a new CEO. He's the head of Sesame Street. In his blog post on the decision, +Brian Stelter of the New York Times writes, "NPR, formerly known as National Public Radio, has the benefit of tens of millions of devoted weekly listeners and a robust Web presence. But it is threatened by the prospect of funding cuts, by power struggles between the organization and its member stations across the country; and by the perception that some of its programming has a liberal political bent."

Can you be "threatened" by a "perception?" I guess maybe you can. But if you can, then I would say that NPR is equally threatened by 1.) the perception that it can be rolled or intimidated, especially after forcing its last CEO to resign in part because right wing trickster James O'Keefe pulled a culture war stunt that worked, and 2.) the perception that it's increasingly a he said, she said, "safety first" news organization that tends to quote both sides and leave it there. I don't think Stelter can show that his threat is more threatening than the two threats I cited.
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