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Charlie Anicete
Just a pilgrim on earth.
Just a pilgrim on earth.

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Fedora 27
Fedora 27 overview screenshot I installed Fedora 27 Workstation edition in my desktop computer last December 1, and it's still running without any glitches for a few weeks now.  It has gone through several updates and it's presently using the 4.14.7 kernel ...

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Quid Est Veritas?
Truth is not what it seems to be.  In order to be sure, one has to see the entire picture or narrative, which is unavailable.  What we read in newspapers, watch on TV, or perceive in the Internet is not necessarily true.  The phenomenon of fake news  makes ...

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Changing Router Password (Globe Home Broadband)
My Wi-Fi router password has remained constant since its installation several years ago.  Now I was informed that some people are tapping on it without permission, thereby consuming the data quota per month, significantly slowing the speed.  So I had to Goo...

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The Last Judgment (Il Giudizio Universale) by Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel, #Vatican City.

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Hidden Hand
We are all seated around the quintessential poker game of life, and God is the dealer.  He doesn't control the card distribution, but he knows what each player has.  The winner is not the best hand but the one who makes the best hand relative to his initial...

"The #LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be still." ~#Moses (#Exodus 14.14 RSV) \o/

"A kite flies against the wind, not with it." (Winston Churchill)

" #Happiness Keeps you sweet, trials keep you strong;
 Sorrows Keep you human, failures keep you humble; and
 #God, keep you going." \o/

"Never #judge someone by the #opinion of others."  Or better yet:

"Never judge anybody at all."

"Imagine if #trees gave off #WiFi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we'd probably #save_the_planet too.  Too bad they only produce the #oxygen we #breathe."
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