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P “Brain” Brunet
Works at Tomakefast
Attended University of Florida
Lives in Round Rock, TX
PJ started building online services in 5th grade. As a freshman at University of Florida, he had already coded a web reporting system for IBM in Boca Raton. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts, he coded user-engagement algorithms, analytics dashboards, web crawlers and other tools using Java, Perl and PHP. He started blogging with WordPress in 2004 and was soon ranked #1 in Google for “Myspace Tracking” and “Facebook Tracking”. While studying Magazine Article Writing in San Antonio, he wrote a WordPress plugin to uncover social media trends, launching his blog to 12 million pageviews. PJ is passionate about publishing and is a Google Adsense Publisher and YouTube Partner.


→ WordPress Theme Changes, Plugin Development
→ Adsense Optimization, Target & Position Ads
→ Crawlable Multi-Category Responsive Sitemaps
→ Multi-Category, SEO-Indexable Chatrooms
→ Position Graphics, CSS Style Sheets, Clickable Maps
→ Search Engines, Control Panels, Forms & Datagrids
→ Responsive Text, Responsive Design, Email Design
→ Color & Sharpness Correction, Image & Video Formats


→ PHP Application Development, Domain Management
→ Background Keyword Extraction From Content
→ Background Cache Generation, Optimization, Rotation
→ Image Management, Image Crawling, Image Resizing
→ Google Cloud Storage, Media & Backup Management
→ MySQL Tuning, Migration, Automated Backups
→ RSS Downloading, Processing, Generation, Mailchimp
→ Dead Link Crawling, Auto-Remove Broken Links

Let's discuss your needs and my capabilities.
Bragging rights
My personal blog has 12 million pageviews since 2005.
  • University of Florida
    BFA, 1994 - 1999
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Freelance WordPress Developer
#PHP #MySQL #CSS #NginX #jQuery
  • Tomakefast
    Freelance WordPress Developer, 1999 - present
    Full-stack developer using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, NginX and Linux
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Round Rock, TX
Venice Beach, CA - Gainesville, FL


P “Brain” Brunet

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This group is to support Austin's growing data science and analytics community, regardless of language or technology stack. Our goal is to foster community meetups around the topics of data processing
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P “Brain” Brunet

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Sounds like it's official. The future of Crunchbang is BunsenLabs
BunsenLabs Linux is a distribution offering a light-weight and easily customizable Openbox desktop
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I've been using Android a lot more, but I still have CB on my laptop & desktop. Using it right now actually.
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P “Brain” Brunet

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Friends in HS played this every day at lunch.

P “Brain” Brunet

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I got that online hustle.
All American, David O. Russell.
Brain, I work that muscle.
Sprout, you know that Brussell.
Imma bring the fight all day and night,
I’m Hungry for the tussle.

I’m on the road to success.
Everyday, don’t even have to get dressed.
I work from home, I’m...I’m never stressed.
Logging into wordpress,
Yes, I’m obsessed.

I’m so fine, got talent coming out my spine.
I’m on time, got a meeting with my mastermind.
I’m number one on Google, nobody can off me.
I’m smoother than the butter in my bulletproof coffee.


My copy’s mad tight, so you know it’s magnetic.
I check my paypal account, so I know that you read it.
I code my website myself, so it’s got that aesthetic.
Download my podcast, so I know that I said it.

I’m building habits and I can’t stop.
These blog posts is my cash crop.
Search rankings, got top spot.
Just Skype me and we’ll talk shop.


If ya need another minute to look.
I’ll save you some time just download my ebook


My hustle’s superbad. I’m McLovin’ it.
I call an Uber ride, some productive shit.
Everything I can, you know I’m crushing it.
I’ll write a thousand words and then I hit submit.

You know I ain’t got nothing to prove,
I got nothing to lose besides traffic and some pageviews.
I got stacks on stacks of lifehacks,
pay quarterly tax, ain’t no time to relax, I gotta...


When I bring my laptop on the plane…
that’s a write off.
When I buy another stupid domain…
that’s a write off.
When gas up my online gravy train...
that’s write off.
Even though you know my startup is lean…
it’s still a write off.


Ugh, you’re so dramatic.
Yea, my life’s nomadic.
And I know just what you were thinking and you’re wishing that you had it.

No, my site ain’t static.
Yea, it’s automatic.
I need my hustle fix, cause I’m a hustle addict.

My Four Hour Body don’t sleep.
I’m unique and I only work Four Hour Work Week.

My Four Hour Body don’t sleep.
I’m unique and I only work Four Hour Work Week.
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P “Brain” Brunet

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I think there's another Crunchbang spinoff in the works, but if you just want Debian 8 (Jessie) with Openbox, this looks good.
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P “Brain” Brunet

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My client, Sheryl from CentsableShoppin--this blog post was shared 9,000 times on Facebook today. 60,000 pageview surge and my NginX server is still caffeinated. Her market is mostly local Arizona but she gets a million pageviews every month! Big brands and shoppers love her. She's a hardworking blogger. Are you? Let's take your blog to the next level!
Calling ALL the Starbucks Fans! Mark your Calendar! Starbucks is offering Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Holiday Drink – Nov. 12th – Nov. 15th from 2 – 5 p.m. Included are Peppermint Mocha and Chestnut Praline Latte, Gingerbread Latte and Eggnog Latte. Make sure you see our last post on 8 Ways to Save Money at Starbucks! …
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P “Brain” Brunet

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There's some #Beachmind right there in #Hawaii.
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P “Brain” Brunet

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Grew up on this music... Power96

P “Brain” Brunet

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Finally installed Android Lollipop, because I want to try the screen recording feature! The upgrade wasn't as bad as other upgrades, most of my settings were preserved this time. BUT my BLU Studio X Plus phone wouldn't boot after the upgrade--had to remove the battery, then everything was fine. Without a removable battery, I'd have a bricked phone.
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I tried some other apps. Basically, it doesn't work. Seems like the problem is related to reconciling the phone's true resolution with the virtual resolution.
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P “Brain” Brunet

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How to combine two large "MTS" video files (Sony AVCHD format) in Linux, using ffmpeg. I plan to use my camera's MP4 option in the future, but I may need this at some point in the future:

cat 00001.MTS 00002.MTS > Part2.MTS
ffmpeg -i Part2.MTS -async 1 -r 24 Part2.webm
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The resulting .webm file is much smaller, but the same resolution. So a 3Gig MTS file might shink to a more manageable 30MB webm.
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