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Michelle Crunchy Mom
A Homeschooling, Homesteading, Homemaking, Help-Meet!
A Homeschooling, Homesteading, Homemaking, Help-Meet!

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Better Together
It's been about a year and a half ago now. I finally feel like I can share with you one of the hardest lessons that I have ever learned (continue to learn) as a wife.  A little background information: there are times when I wake-up in the middle of the nigh...

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Creating a Masterpiece- A Review
Last year at our homeschool convention, my husband saw this amazing online art program that he raved to me about for weeks  months. The problem was he could not for the life of him remember the its name. Luckily for him, the Crew had an upcoming review prod...

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Spring is in the Air!
If your family is anything like ours, spring is the busiest time of the year. This year is even busier than usual for the Crunchy Household. We are planting our gardens, establishing new flower beds, and knee deep in a kitchen remodel! I have always loved r...

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Home School Adventure Co.-A TOS Review
When I was younger, any time someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always tell the 'a wife and mommy.' Of course, that answer would cause a giggle and the question was reworded to ask what I wanted to go to college to become. I ev...

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All my life I have had the worst fear of the dentist. I have done everything in my power to avoid going. Last week, however, I experienced the worst tooth pain that I have ever had. By Friday, I was running on 3 nights of little to no sleep and I was cranky...

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Eclectic Foundations Language Arts- A Review
Recently we received a digital copy of  Eclectic Foundations   Language Arts Level B  to review. I thought that it would be a great way to help Popper learn cursive, which he has been asking to do, and review basic phonics with him. I have always loved McGu...

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Another Great Giveaway!
One of the many things that I love about Sarah Brown from The Thinking Tree is that she really encourages moms to devote time to continue learning. She believes that children learn best when they are taught by example. She created this wonderful book, "Mom ...

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Mammoth Math- A Review
Math is my nemesis! It is not something that comes easy to me. Needless to say, I love getting to try new math programs that might help me to teach my boys. Recently, we were given the opportunity to review the Blue Series by Mammoth Math . Popper had been ...

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Playtime & Learning!
I realized that it had been a while since I had posted any kind of weekly wrap-up. I thought I would show you some of the fun that we have been having!  I discovered Konos this past month. The kiddos and I are in love! We do not follow it "by the book."  We...

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Home School in the Woods- A Review
This was my first experience with Home School in the Woods . We were given the opportunity to review their HISTORY Through the Ages Projects Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece . Lately, Popper has been interested in learning more about other parts...
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