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It appears that +SourceForge took over the control of the 'GIMP for Windows' account and is now distributing an ads-enabled installer of GIMP. They also locked out original owner of the account, Jernej Simončič, who has been building the Windows versions of GIMP for our project for years.

So far they haven't replied to provide explanations. Therefore, we remind you again that GIMP only provides builds for WIndows via its official Downloads page.

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This artist, "Xard" made a track using the new "Monstro" instrument available in the up-coming 1.1 release.

If that's not awesome enough, he used Blender to create the logo below... A three dimensional science-fiction-esque version of the "Monstro" logo! 

For a pre-release of the 1.1 release, leave a comment or follow the build instructions on GitHub. 

If you happen to stumble upon something noteworthy please share!

(previously posed on Facebook)

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Music produced entirely with LMMS (Explicit Lyrics):

[HD] Jarren Benton - Lean (Gunnar Kennedy Remix)

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362MB to scan a PDF in windows?! Holy batshit batman.

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LMMS 0.4.14 released!

Quote from mailing list:

"After the latest version of LMMS has been tagged a while ago, we're
glad to finally announce the availability of LMMS 0.4.14. This version
is a maintainance release of the 0.4.x series. It comes with some
exciting new features (notably regarding VST support) but also fixes
various bugs found in previous versions. Thanks to all who helped with
making up this release (especially those who kept up testing and
reporting bugs)!"
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