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Cat Flippen
Director of Personalized Learning & Innovation for Jackson County School System in Georgia, USA
Director of Personalized Learning & Innovation for Jackson County School System in Georgia, USA

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#GEGGA friends, don't miss the last half of #GooglePDWeek and also don't miss one of our own, +Lee Green presenting TONIGHT at Thursday, June 8 at 7:00 PM ET!

Lee is presenting on Gamified Professional Learning and, specifically, a super cool program that the Floyd County Schools instructional technology team and technology department are launching starting this school year.

You do NOT want to miss learning his session, trust me!

Lee is only one of six presentations this week elected by +Google for Education. We are proud of his work and his excellent representation of the booming edtech and innovation in our state. Go, Lee! Give #GEGGA a shout out!

His presentation will be livestreamed on YouTube. Here is the direct link for you to tune in:

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TL;DR: To kick off Internet Safety Month, we’re announcing Be Internet Awesome, a program that teaches kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship so they can explore the online world with confidence.

By the time the average American kid reaches double digits, they’re not just avid users of the Internet but likely carrying around an Internet-connected device in their pocket wherever they go. But as kids are using technology more throughout their daily lives – at home, in the classroom, and everywhere in between – it’s important that they’re prepared to make smart decisions about online behavior.

In addition to a robust classroom curriculum for educators and resources for parents, the program includes Interland, an adventure-packed online game that teaches the key lessons of digital safety and citizenship through hands-on practice in a format kids already love: gaming.

You can learn more and download tools at

I enjoy celebrating the growth and success of GEG Georgia members. If you have any news to share, you are welcome to email me or to post it yourself.

On that note, I am thrilled to share that another of our most passionate and dedicated members is stepping up into a major leadership role:

+Jim Farmer was officially approved earlier this week to be the new Chief Technology Officer for Fayette County Schools!

I have known and followed him for some time. He has been an incredible "Voice of EdTech" in South Georgia,. His servant attitude and drive to improve education are phenomenal. It will be fun to watch his work within a major Metro Atlanta school district!

Jim is on Twitter (@ JFarm) and is a great person to follow. Congratulations, Jim!

Quick question:

What is the student email naming convention for your school/district?

(And feel free to elaborate on how you feel about it!)

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Hi, friends. I love the activity in #GEGGA (and I need to catch up reading everything)! This is a powerfully stellar group of edu-professionals.

With that in mind, I am sharing this news with you all:

This summer, I will be leaving my current position as Instructional Technology Specialist in Oconee County Schools to become the Director of Personalized Learning for Jackson County Schools. I am so sad to leave such a phenomenal team and all of our amazing initiatives, but I am beyond thrilled to be taking on a role that oversees both technology and curriculum/instruction.

That being said, Oconee is hiring to fill my position! They need a stellar, driven, and focused individual who is fast-learner passionate about technology to step seamlessly into a unique situation wherein instructional technology is unsiloed from information technology.

In addition to being the primary instructional technology resource for OCS faculty, myself and my colleagues +Brian Felker and +Deana DeVine manage the provisioning, updates, and settings for our fleet of Chromebooks and iPads for faculty and students as well as the majority of our Gsuite domain. These tasks are pivotal as we move into 1:1 Chromebooks starting FY18/FY19 and as our faculty start the adoption of laptops as their primary professional device, including a 2-in-1 Chromebook option that has been wildly popular.

Oconee is also adopting an LMS in the next two-three months (one of three options currently being deliberated), and the ITS team will be 100% involved in the maintaining settings and courses, the primary training thereof, and the creating of learning materials for the LMS.

This person will be pivotal both in the backend of technology management as well as in the front end of creating purposeful online, blended, and face-to-face learning opportunities for OCS faculty and staff to best maximize their time as well as the time of the ITS Team.

This is a very exciting time to work in Oconee County Schools!

If you are a self-motivated educator who wants to step into a role that makes a very large impact immediately while also placing yourself in an opportunity that represents where the concept of "instructional technology" is transformed to encompass the instructional importance of information technology, then I HIGHLY encourage you to apply!

If anyone in GEGGA is interested and would like to ask me questions, I will answer whatever I am able to answer via email at

My Oconee County colleagues and I are "discussing" (aka heatedly debating) possible 1:1 Chromebook roll out best practices.

What are other schools and districts currently doing as they roll (or have rolled out) 1:1 device structure?

Are you pushing out in one big go to entire schools or grade levels? Are you using an innovator application system? Are you targeting specific content areas first?

Any honest, transparent thoughts are welcome! Thank you so much!

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So, one of my school leaders is asking about CTL Chromebooks.

I have never seen one, much less used one.

Has anyone ever used a CTL Chromebook or heard of your brother's cousin's sister's nephew's former roommate using one?

And if you have, do you have any thoughts, perhaps in comparison to other more recognized Chromebooks in schools (Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, etc)?

I am highly skeptical of a device that no one has pushed out in their school(s) or district. The reviews online are ridiculously varied.

Thanks in advance for your awesomeness!
(CC +Deana DeVine +Brian Felker)

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I believe that #ItTakesATeacher to instigate systematic change across generations. Happy World Teachers Day!
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+G Suite (including +Google for Education) has rebranded itself to #GSuite for Google Cloud. Check out the official announcement:

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If you would like to listen to the CIO of the GaDOE speak and meet some of the foremost Georgia leaders of instructional technology, sign up ASAP for the 2nd Annual Classroom Innovation and Personalized Learning Consortium this coming Thursday, July 21st.

This event is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Instructional Technology Advisory Committee and is hosted at one of my schools: North Oconee High School in Bogart, GA (about 10 minutes west of Athens, GA). It will start at 10:00 AM and go until 3:00 PM and will include a catered lunch.

I've learned that there are still a few spots left, so I wanted to share in this community to gather more outstanding Georgia educational rockstars! We already have some members in GEGGA presenting in the afternoon, and I am planning to invite any GEGGA folks out for an early morning CoffeeEDU beforehand.

Registration is closing extremely soon, so ask the Powers That Be to give you some professional leave, and I hope to see you there!
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