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Formula Greater Than or Equal To
If you have a situation where you would like to control a
parameter determined on whether another parameter is Greater Than or Equal to a
third parameter. You might think that the formula should read…. Parameter A = Parameter B >= Parameter C The only probl...

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Paste to Selected Levels
If you have a selection set you would like to copy to
multiple levels in your project model, you can quickly and easily complete this
process by using the Paste  ►Select Levels tool. Firstly select the Elements you would like to copy. Then using the Copy to...

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Family Creation Process
When creating families for your project here are some basic best practices to keep you family running smooth and trouble free. Plan your family before you begin creating, this will allow you to make informed decisions during the creation process. Try to kee...

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Browser Organisation
A really quick way to change you Project Browser
Organisation without having to go to the View Ribbon and then into the User
Interface tool, is to highlight the ‘Views (all)’ heading at the top of your
Project Browser and then in the Type Selector in the Pr...

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When you are working on a workshared project file it is
always a good idea to keep an eye on the Active Workset. Whatever the Active
Workset is set to, this is the Workset all of your new modelling will be
created under. You can find the Active Workset in 3...

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Dynamo - Twisting Tower
Whilst I primarily use Dynamo for BIM Management tasks, I do like to delve into the Computational Modelling for facade optioning and building forms. I am constantly getting asked about.... How do I create one of those twisting towers? So I decided to put up...

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Turning Off Everything
If you need to turn off all of the Model Categories,
Annotation Categories, Analytical Categories or the Imported Categories in your
model view, there is a really fast way without having to select Categories
individually. (This process can be very useful to...

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Selection Filter Alternative
When you have multiple elements from multiple categories
selected in your model, an even quicker way to filter your selection is to
select the pull-down menu just below the Type Selector. This will show the
categories that have been selected and you can pic...

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Brisbane Computational Design Group April Meeting
I am co-chairing the Brisbane Computational Design Group. Meeting are on the first Wedesday of each month (apart from April when it will be held on the Wednesday the 19th) 6pm to 8pm Agenda and Venue to be confirmed prior. Meetup:

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Parameter Type/Instance Switching
When you have multiple dimensional parameters in your Revit
family, a quick way of switching between a ‘Type’ and ‘Instance’ parameter is
to select the dimensioned parameter, and in the options bar you can select
(tick or untick) the Instance Parameter opti...
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