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Math, Cats, Music, and Creativity! All things that I love.
I am Michael Dixon. I love having friends. I am usually pretty social, but sometimes I'm a little shy. Two of my best friends are John Dixon, my brother, and Trey Roemer. I LOVE cats, and I volunteer at a cat shelter. I'm the owner of the Cat Lovers Club! community on Google+. Math fascinates me. It's so cool finding out about the different patterns that always occur. When you learn something new about math, something just clicks in your head, and you get it, and find that you can use it in your everyday life. Music is pretty similar. When you sing, dance, or play an instrument, you discover new things, and get really good at it. It just clicks, and makes something magical. Before you know it, you're a pro! In my free time, I like to make lots of different things. A pillow fort, a tower of pennies, just crazy little things that help me pass the time. I'm pretty creative. One of the things I've helped made is Camp Awesome, a cool club for kids. We have a Google+ community for it! Math, Cats, Music, and Creativity! All things I love. I'd love to be your friend.

I'm Michael Dixon, and this is who I am.

Bragging rights
Straight A's since I started school, first place in 3rd and 4th place math competitions, very musical
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Well, people spell it "Micheal", but that's not the correct spelling. It gets really annoying sometimes.
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