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Conversational Healing
Conversational Healing


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Impactful and enlightening. Whether you watch this video or read this article. Do it for you, today! Such wisdom.

"Enlightenment begins here with the sobering reminder that there are no masters in life... only helpers."

How to love people for who they are.

#letyourtreasurebeknown #enlightenment #wisdom #insight #deeperunderstanding #compassionateseeing #emotionalmaturity #sageadvice #wisdomandexperience #prudent #impactfulmeaning
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The subjective end goal or the surrogate goal? Don't risk confusing 'means' with 'the end'. Relevant when considering the meaning of life.

In everyday life we all use surrogate goals!

"We rush through our lives, pushing ourselves to perform regardless of how we feel"...

Motto - "live the life you wish your children to have".

Thought provoking article which brings our attention back to what is most relevant.

#values #virtues #examineyourgoals #realgoals #surrogategoals #nextgeneration #modernlife #achoevement #happiness #valuesofouryouth
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What Caregivers Really Want Their Friends to Know...

Some really sound and practical advice shared in this article. For the journey of a caregiver is one you cannot beginning to imagine nor comprehend unless you walk or have walked this path.

'The caregiving experience is so all-consuming that it can take over all your headspace before you realize it.'

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down". - Oprah Winfrey

The essential Do's and Don't for friends of caregivers

2 specific areas that I have referenced for particular attention.

* Ask specific questions.
* Recognise the effects of grief

#caregivers #oldage #headspace #grief #alzheimersdisease #dementia #endoflifecare #dignityofolderpeople
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The Power of Yet. 'Not Yet'.

Changing mindsets.

Growth Mindset - abilities can be developed.

'Praise the process that children engage in, their effort, their strategies, their focus, their perseverance, their improvement.

'Process praise creates kids who are hardy and resilient'.

#educators #teachers #children #youngpeople #nextgeneration #processpraise #learningcurve #reward #pathintothefuture #copewithchallengeanddifficulty #strategies #focus #perseverance #improvement #childrenareourfuture
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Finding Joy in Alzheimer's or Dementia's Reality.

'We know there is serious damage going on in the brains of people with alzheimers.

What's pretty amazing though is that research has demonstrated that the ability to recognize emotional cues. So language, the emotional tone in language, those facial expressions. That's actually fairly well preserved in people with dementia'...

'Lets help people experience joy and humour and human connection'...

'The facts and the stories do not matter. What matters is the emotion that the person is experiencing'...

'We can play a vital role in making peoples moments better'.

#dementia #alzheimersdisease #dementiacare #alzheimerscare #caregivers #positiveinteraction #positivebehaviours #experiencejoyandinterest #socialconnection #dementiaresearch #neuroscience #neurobiology #assistedlivingfacilities #playavitalroleindementiacare
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Whether it's for my friends or clients. It doesn't really matter.

'Showing Up' is something I do interchangeably day in day out. It's an integral aspect of who I am and what I do for and with others. Regardless of circumstance, situation, issue or experience. I wouldn't change a thing. Showing up and stepping up... together we can take on the world.

This post I share below is a worthwhile read in particular for people whom find themselves living the life of a 'caregiver'. Whether that be by choice or default. It really doesn't matter.

It may sound contradictory. Taking on all the responsibility that comes with being a 'caregiver'. On the one hand this full experience can be rewarding, definitely selfless and humbling. On the other hand you may be racked with guilt, frustration, anger, upset and annoyance. This list of charged emotions goes on and varies for each individual.

This experience will take you to the place where you will come to learn the valuable life lesson which is 'to choose quality over quantity' when it comes to your friendships and closest relationships. It is universally meaningful.

Life can be hard and your time is both limited and so very precious. The 'caregivers' experience will try and test the best and strongest of people. You are a 'giver' by nature otherwise you wouldn't be doing as you are doing right now.

Therefore it is important to allow yourself the time to focus on 'you' and what you need and want. There is a natural and organic air of insight and maturity that comes 'cap in hand' through this experience, in the metaphorical dense fog that gradually turns to mist.

This could be the most worthwhile question you ask yourself today - don't you think it's time to separate the chaff from the wheat? It's all in the metaphor and analogy today.

When it comes to your friendships and closest relationships. 'It works both ways'.

Show Up, Show Up, Show Up!


Don't Show Up, Don't Show Up, Don't Show Up!

In my world both personally and professionally. I place such significant value on the following statement; 'I'm thinking of you'. For when given and received by the right person. It is a very simple statement that holds such tremendous opening meaning and power.

Signing off for now. For whomever is in need of those words right now.

Most sincerely, 'I'm thinking of you'!


#friendships #closestrelationships #values #universallymeaningful #caregivers #familycaregiving #emotionalsideofcaregiving

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It's about coaching our younger and future generation.

'The concept of coaching, is key, as it puts kids at the centre'.

Emotion Coaches teach their children strategies to deal with life's ups and downs. Coach it - honour the emotion and talk about it'.

#insideout #psyhcology #SocialEmotionalLearning #SEL #scienceofthebrain #coachkids #executivefuntion #lessonsforlifeandlearning #stressors #DeeperLearning #emotioncoach #educatorsandparents #neuroscience #SocialEmotionalIntelligence #SEI
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Everything begins and ends with 'Self'-Care.

What is good for your heart is good for your brain. Ideally healthy behavior should start at an early age and continue throughout your life.

It's never too late to create the change and start making good decisions for your body.

Your body is the vessel for your heart and your mind. Tend to it, care for it, nurture and nourish it and it will serve you well.

Whilst depression is a 'quiet epidemic' globally. It cannot be treated in a collective manner. It mush always person centered. It's always about the individual and facilitating in an appropriate way that looks deeply and towards addressing the layers of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and narratives.

#depressionletstalk #WHO #healthyhabits #brainandhearthealth #change #mentalhealth #adifferentway #differentapproach #quietepidemicofdepression
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Food for thought.

Intellectual Humility

'With IH, it's less about being right than seeing what's right'.

'It deepens your ability to spot facts'...

Sharing the link below to this thought provoking article.

#informationalsensitivity #brainscience #neuroscience #cognitivedissonance #intellectualhumility
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