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Episode 267: So Long and Thank For All the Love!
Our final episode is here. This week's WIPs include Crosshatch Socks, Fox Paws Shawl, Lillian Fay cardigan, a generic toe-upsock, and the Dream Baby blanket. FOs include Going Up socks, Granny Square washcloth, fingered mittens and a Yowza Weight It #4. ...

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Episode 266: Holidays 2016
This week's WIPs include the Lillian Fay sweater, Fox Paws, Going Up socks, modified Rye socks and a "Glitten" loosely based on the Knotty gloves. FOs include finished washcloths and one Rye sock. Baubles and Bling this week were a custom lanyard for Shei...

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Episode 265: An Announcement at the End
  SHOW NOTES Shout Outs: This month's KAL/CAL is any project in your favorite Sports Team or School colors! Show your team/school loyalty! This KAL/CAL will run through December 31st. If you have a sports fan or school student, this would be the perfect ...

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Episode 264 (Not 364!) Parade of FOs
  SHOW NOTES Oops! This is NOT episode 364! This week is a parade of FOs! We show a sweater, lots of socks, a sample scarf, hats and Sheila's complete gradient color set. Clearly, we've been busy. Featured baubles and bling include two skeins of White B...

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Episode 263: In A New Place
  SHOW NOTES This week's WIPs include Recoleta sweater, Going Up socks, vanilla socks, and a Beginner's Stitch Sampler Scarf. FOs include one Going Up sock, vanilla socks in Koigu and a Snuggle Sack with matching hat. Featured baubles and bling from Rhine...

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Episode 262: iMovie Blows
  SHOW NOTES This week's episode is a little bit late due to Wendy's move and lack of internet. Sadly, the show notes are packed somewhere in the house! So enjoy the mystery content episode. We also had a lot of problems with iMovie so there are quite a ...

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Episode 261: Interrupted Again!
  SHOW NOTES This week's FOs include Lemongrass sweater and No Purl Scarf. WIPs include Sitka Spruce, Recoleta cardigan, Vanilla socks in Koigu and Endeavour socks. We didn't have any Baubles and Bling this week, but we did draw four winners for the Chari...

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Episode 260: After A Long Absence
  SHOW NOTES It's been a while! WIPs this week include Lemongrass sweater, Sitka Spruce Mittens, Endeavor socks, Ribbed Scarf and Weigh It Shawl #4. FOs include Fountain socks, Jedi the Giraffe, Sitka Spruce Hat, North Shore Sweater, Regular guy's beanie,...

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Episode 259: Textus Interruptus
  SHOW NOTES This week, Wendy finally got her Webs order after it was mysteriously lost for 15 days. WIPs include No Purl Scarf, Basic Beanie, North Shore sweater and Bubble socks. FO was a Lined Beanie. Baubles and Bling this week was the missing Webs y...

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Episode 258: She Had a Lot to Say
  SHOW NOTES This week's WIPs include Bubble socks, North Shore sweater, Lined Beanie, and No-Purl rib scarf. FOs include Fishknit toe-up socs, CBD Fudge Neckcessory shawl and a Helix knitting hat. Featured Baubles and Bling include Knitpicks Stroll, Quee...
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