Read my Consultant Presentations that will assist in defending the Community from Excessive Surveillance
Law Enforcement Training on Entrapment w/ the use of VRTech & Hacker PopulationDatabases
Colection of Documents & Presentations to assist in clearing up foggy areas of pre & post2001 activity:
I've posted several scientific studies, expert opinions and documents from court hearings over the months. Which demonstrate the X-ray machines at Airports can and do harm people are ineffective and cost travelers time/energy and money. Plus it is a violation of your constitutional rights....

I have also posted several articles discussing what bullshit #Obama 's desire for "preventative" crime(Predictive Policing) is.

Here is another great article:

Yet, the TSA has only grown in size and funding for "predictive policing" has more than doubled. Despite it is 100% ineffective.
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