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It is impressive how you can do things with such a small low cost board. I suspect power consumption will be a problem though....

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We had a bit of practical experience of using the OpenSeizureDetector Pebble watch app to detect a seizure yesterday. It did detect Benjamin's seizure, but it only gave a single warning and a single alarm annunciation. A technical overview of the event in the attached link.

#epilepsy #pebble

Last night I found myself reinventing the wheel by producing a skeleton app with a start-up activity that starts a service, then opens a main app that connects to the service, has options to start and stop it etc. The service shows a notification that you can click on to open the main activity again etc... - all pretty basic 'infrastructure' stuff.
I think this has been done many many times before, and probably with better implementations than mine.
I wondered if there are any Android Studio templates that are available that will set up this basic skeleton from the 'New' menu so I could just start a project, specify a few names for the activities and service and have the basic infrastructure generated?
[I know I am being lazy, but it takes such a lot of code to get this basic infrastructure working so I am looking for an easier option!]

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Has anyone managed to use ADB with one of these cheap Android phone-watches? I can see developer options and have USB debugging enabled, and have revoked previously authorised usb debugging, but when I connect it to my computer adb devices returns
List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF unauthorized

which I think is telling me that I should have authorised usb debugging on the device - but I can't see a notification asking me to do that - any suggestions?




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I have just released a new version of my OpenSeizureDetector epileptic seizure detector app. Quite a lot of improvements both on the Pebble side and the Android companion app.

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I have quite a niche use for Pebbles - as a seizure detector. My thoughts on the implications for this in the short and medium term are in the article below - basically I think I can keep it working for what I want to do without needing any of Pebble's services.

But of course Pebble devices will not be available for much longer, so I'll need to think of an alternative device - I need a wrist mounted bluetooth connected accelerometer, preferably with a small processor built in like the pebble to process the data.
Does anyone know of alternatives that are currently available that I should think about using?

It would be great if Fitbit would release an SDK for one of their devices so I could run my software on a low cost fitness tracker, but I didn't have much luck with Fitbits previously and I abandoned them when I discovered Pebbles!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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This is an excellent overview of the issues associated with trying to land the space shuttle. Well woth watching.

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Someone is well ahead of me in wheelchair development ☺
Tanguino is an autonomous wheelchair that uses an Arduino Mega and Google's Project Tango.

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This is a good explanation off the differences between services, factories, values etc.
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