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..."you can love others only after you learn to love yourself" - The first thing I do each day is look in the mirror and say "I Love You"...
..."you can love others only after you learn to love yourself" - The first thing I do each day is look in the mirror and say "I Love You"...

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If you are into Poker Runs her is on that offers and opportunity to help my daughters dream come true.

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Invest in her future... My daughter has overcome many obstacles (Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC), hydrocephalus and Gorlin syndrome) and now face another. She has been accepted into the ClemsonLIFE Program at Clemson Universality. ClemsonLIFE is a program for individuals with intellectual disabilities and equips students to live independently.

Unlike the regular four year program ClemsonLIFE is not part of the university curriculum and therefore the cost is incurred by the individual and their family. Due to years of medical expenses we are not able to extent ourselves to make this happen for Hartley. We are hoping that others may invest in her future and we have set up a go fund me page for Hartley. If you are not able to help sharing this with your friends may allow someone who can to see it. Thanks...

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Hartley got accepted into the ClemsonLIFE Program. A program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. We want to make this dream come true for her but with the many medical expenses we have looming we are not able to do so. Watch the short video and if you think you can help we have set up a go find me page for her. Invest in her future... and please share this with your friends. 

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Take a minute to watch the video. My daughter was fortunate to go to Victory Junction camp. It cost $2500 to send one camper to camp. The families of the medically fragile children pay $0 for their children to go to camp. In many instances the children would never experience a week at camp. My daughter was able to and now wants to give back. She has shared her story and wasn't to raise funds by participating in the 2015 Run To Victory. She hopes to send two kids to camp.

All donation from the 5K run go to support Victory Junction and are tax deductible.. You can donate by visiting her page and please share this so others can help her.

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It is that time of year again... we plan to participate in the 9th Annual Victory Junction's Run To Victory 5K October 11th, 2014. Last year Team Hart & Sole raised over $1600.00 thanks to generous people like you. I ask that you consider making a contribution that will help fund Camp Victory Junction.
The Petty family is dedicated to making sure that medically fragile children can continue to enjoy a week at camp at no charge to their families. This was a dream that Kyle's son Adam had before his untimely death.

Hartley has been fortunate to have been a participant at Victory Junction for five summers. She has aged out but she wants to give back to the camp and their mission. She has volunteered to be an ambassador for the camp and to share her story. We have traveled to a few large fund raising events to help raise awareness of Victory Junction and to share our story. I am including a link to a video Victory Junction uses for these events and hope you will take a few minutes to watch it. I am also including a link to a documentary video Blue Cross Blue Shield NC published about Hartley and her choice to Live Fearless. by running the 5K last year.  We are so proud that she has chosen to share her story.

Our team has a soft limit of $1000.00 but Hartley said as we left the Run To Victory 5K last year that she wanted to raise $3000.00 next year (2014). My hope is that you may consider helping her make that goal possible.

Take a few minutes to watch the videos and then if you feel you can help support our team visit our team site link and support one of the Team Hart & Soles' members by making a donation on their behalf.
Thanks and... "Feel Your Heart Race!"

Victory Junction Video:

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Live Fearless video:

Charles' Hart & Sole Team Site (donate here):

Seeing all the  Elio Motors post on social media and other places has brought back some childhood memories of mine.

When I was 9 or 10 I thought of how much energy was wasted pushing tons and tons of steel down the road to get us from one place or another. How if we had small inexpensive pod type transportation with smaller more efficient engines it would save so much money. That we could create small one directional path like roads that would be less expensive to build and maintain and also allow safer travel. And that in some locations you could connect your transpod as I called them then to a mass transit system (land ferries) to get you from one location to another distant location quicker and with shared resources. And fuel would be sold and stored in reusable small cell like units that would allow for better, safer distribution.

And as an adult I think back and think about how that did not happen and how we have progressed over the last 40 years. That our transportation system has progressed into a larger more expensive system than ever. When will we wake up and realize the direction that of  transportation development is heading can not be sustained forever. 

Building and much needed custom JAVA msi for deployment this morning... my friend Google really come through for me on days like today.

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I have been into music in one way or another most of my life. One of my passions is live audio. Here is a link to the live recording from the set I mixed yesterday at Element Church - Shelby Campus. Enjoy and if you like download the songs for offline use.
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