TED Suffers from Streisand Effect

Under pressure from the Internets, TED has finally relented and released the video that has caused much controversy over its Censorship. TED has also released a blog post giving excuses for their action, stating;

✖ The Live audience gave it mediocre ratings.
✖ Explicitly partisan.
✖ Unconvincing argument.

Judging from the comments on TED's blog, most people still disagree with TED's action to Censor the video. Arguments include;

"The audience gave a standing ovation, this is not a valid excuse. Also why can't the public decide the ratings?"

"I fail to see how this is partisan, he called out both parties. In any case, isn't it immoral to give 50/50 arguments for topics relating to injustice?"

"I was very convinced by this argument, he also citied empirical evidence and worthy statistics. Please inform me what he did wrong?"

I tend to agree with TED on this one, this is clearly partisan - but only to the extent that it reflects the perversity of American culture. A totalitarian like culture of escalating authoritarianism and fascism, where the 'center of compromise' is set to the extreme right.

Like all totalitarian societies censorship does not need to be forced, it is part of the culture. Your not suppose to say when the Emperor has no clothes on. This should be considered taboo. So yes, in this environment, you can't politely imply that the system is wrong, even if supported with facts and empirical evidence.
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