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Upgraded my computer. 

Mobo is now a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 with a i7-3770k @ 3.5Ghz processor. Video card still a GTX 470 from last year.

I'm also selling my old board and processor on Craigslist. Although I'm trying to avoid having it shipped. Though I might consider it if I can't sell it. I feel like it would just get damaged through UPS or FedEX.

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Meow! D:
We have just released the NEW film 'Feed Me!'. We hope you like it...

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#philosoraptor back with some #geekhumor

Mac users: Y U No Recycle?

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Deal /w it.

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Storage evolution... #LoL  

Path of Exile Review
+ Pros!
+  Voice acting has a lot of emotion. Very well done.
+  Graphics have greatly improved since beta. Falls closely in line with Diablo 2. (The shadows seem a bit jagged though.)
+  You level up skill gems which are freely removed and resocketed into other pieces of equipment. Quite an interesting system. If you ask me the biggest highlight of this game is the skill gems.
+  Item's are not restricted by class. Only by your character's stats or choices made in what skills you invested in. (Example: A skill gem may require a dagger/short sword.  You can't use that skill unless you have the right weapon equipped thus restricting your character and developing your 'build')
+  Character class only determines your starting stats and where you start in the passive skill tree.  Your character is customized nearly 100% up to you.

-  Cons!
-  Very restricted undo on passive points, even if you just recently allocated them it becomes permanent. You have to find an item called 'Orb of Regret' to revert points to be reused.  They should probably add a confirm button on the passive tree. What happens if I identically click on one while I was just trying to read or was moving the gigantic passive board/tree around?
-  The 'passive stat' tree is horribly daunting for me.  I keep wanting to spend time staring and determining the build I want to create.  I have to force myself not to look at it too much and just put stats in somewhere and move on otherwise I wouldn't even have played the game. (
-  Server seems to be lagging quite frequently  I'm guessing its mostly due to its current surge in popularity. Hopefully will be fixed before too long.
-  A popup tells you when you can level up your gem but it never tells you how its being improved.
-  No feedback on if you're actually highlighting a particular item on the ground when hovering over item names.

Other Notes!
/Combat is slower than any of the diablo games.
/There is no currency in the game. All items are traded for other items. Even the ones you buy off NPCs.

Final Thoughts
I've been having fun with the game but the idea behind, "Oh this build isn't going to work", is really throwing me off. I don't want to have to grind completely new characters over and over just to find a build that "works." I haven't actually gotten to such a point yet nor do I know when this happens or if its just people not realizing they need new equipment or need to grind out skills.

Path of Exile is definitely worth a try if you loved Diablo-esque games and maybe with time become a bigger hit.

Just wanted to drop my experience with BulletRun. Sony Online Entertainment's new F2P FPS Shooter.

BulletRun is a First Person Shooter that's supposed to be a global spectacle of some sort. Sort of like Super Monday Night Combat but a different genre. As you're playing the commentators dictate which team is doing better or if someone got stabbed by a knife in a gun fight.

Game Play : The game controlled like it was dragging a small child on its ankles. It just didn't feel like I was able to shift my directions too easily. Maybe as if it was a realistic shooter or something. It's a kind of thing I'd expect in ARMA but not Bulletrun as a fast paced twitch shooter.

                      The guns fire with a spread depending on your gun type. Pretty much the norm for shooters. You want smgs for close encouters because they shoot fast and you don't need to worry about accuracy or spread as much. Rifles for longer ranges and blahblahblah. If you've played an FPS before you know how this works.

Graphics   : Pretty on par with what I expect from the average free to play game. Not great, but not terribly disgusting either. Enemies have a distinguished red look to them and you see your teammates in their custom clothes that they've earned or bought.

Sound      : I guess everything sounds they way they should. Pretty generic and bland though. The "Commentators" got annoying quick and didn't sound energetic about the game they were talking about. I quickly wanted to find a way to mute them in the two matches I test ran.

I didn't check out the cash shop to see how much would you could get out of your buck. Because well... It's a terrible game. I wouldn't bother with this one. You'll be more happy playing TF2 for your twitch shooter needs.

TL DR; Glance at and then never again.

Had all four of my wisdom teeth removed today. I haven't been in too much pain so I guess I should consider myself lucky. My gums bled for quite a bit till about noon. Took an oxycod and penicilln an hour after surgery was done(11pm). Replaced gauze in my mouth with new ones.

Around 1-2pm I tried eating some little noodles with mushroom soup. After removing the gauze. The first thing I did was bite down with my rear teeth. Ow... Terrible mistake. Learned that I can't really chew food. I just have to swallow them whole or smash them as much as I can with the roof of my mouth.

4pm I took an oxycod and was starting to lose concentration. Or rather. I would focus on something really intensely and before I knew it I was daydreaming about it. So I decided to pass out. The bleeding has nearly came to nearly a complete stop.

5pm took a penicilln.

Around 7:30-8pm Kyu called me. I awoke from my nap. I felt great though really drowsy. We chatted a bit then I sat up thinking to myself "Man I feel good enough to go into work in the morning." Yeah. That didn't last too long. Within thirty minutes the pain all around my mouth was back and I couldn't smile or irritate my gums in any way without causing myself some grief.

9pm I decided to finally get out of bed. Used the bathroom grabbed a snack pack of apple sauce and ended up watching some Community with Kyu. Smiling hurts but it was worth it. (I'm just now checking out Community.) ; w;

10pm I decided to take another oxycod. Got a phone call from my surgeon asking me how I was feeling. Was nice of him to call to check up on me.

11pm Played a match of SMNC. After the match I was extremely light headed and short of breath. Probably from the pill. I'm going to play another match of SMNC and take a penicilln then probobly head to bed.

Good night!

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I want this sunflower figure. I miss the fun moments I had with this game. = w=

sings the ending song and bobs his head with the sunflower
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