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We've integrated new unit - Ogre!
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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we are running really amazing contest ‘The Best Ideas and Suggestions for the game of Ardagor: Chronicles of Shadows ’ ( It can be any moment of the game, location, character, story quest, an enemy for the character, description of the magic traps (anomalies), new magic spells, weapons etc.

Join us on Facebook (, Google+ , Vkontakte
and describe how you’d like to improve our game.

The best ideas and suggestions will be considering by the Community of the Project (including you). The winners will take prizes from the developers; besides, their ideas and names will be mentioned in the credits of the game.

Moreover, please watch two versions of the trailer of the game on youtube. We would like to know which one is better (in your opinion):
1. The light one ( or
2. The dark one (

Please vote and comment on Facebook (, Google+

Let’s create the World of Ardagor together !
Ardagor – Google+
Ardagor – Google+
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We applied for the competition (CRYENGINE Indie Development Fund). Support us. Please do not forget to ‘like’ and comment us. If you want to support ‘Ardagor’, you have to go on the site, register and ‘like’ our page. We will be glad if you comment on our competition page. ‘Ardagor’ needs your support so much!
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We are pleased to introduce our project ‘Ardagor: Chronicles of Shadows’. This is unique sandbox game in a style of Action / RPG / Survival.

We are inspired by Stalker and Skyrim, therefore we are developing our game according to the principles of these games.

Our project will contain the best features of their game process and atmosphere; moreover, it combines new ideas and mechanics.

Actions in ‘Ardagor’ occur in the space of lost and mysterious world, which suffers from ancient and awful damnation that somehow killed its inhabitants.

You are the Stranger, all alone, abandoned in this gloomy and dangerous Land without any help. There is some mark on Your hand, so You are destined to reveal secrets of this Land that happened here in the past.
You are free to choose how to act on the territory of the vast island.

This world is a dangerous place , there are no allies or friends. Ghosts of the dead inhabitants of the Land will be met on Your way. With the secret mark on Your hand You will be able to communicate with them. Revealing the truth of this cursed Land You will meet lots of dark creatures who came into this Land from the depth of the Abyss.

Fascinating investigation of this dangerous world is waiting for You, but also exciting adventures in intense battle for survival. At the same time You will be looking for ancient artefacts among traps which are also called magical anomalies. The Stranger will be able to use magic powers gained by the secret mark.

Your resolutions and actions combined with the freedom of choice will affect both the style of the game and Your own destiny that is connected to the destiny of the Land.

Feel Yourself a Real Hero – magic warrior, and open your way with the Spirit Sword and battle spells through the Light or Darkness to the revealing awful secrets of Ardagor.

We are just waiting for support of your community!

Distinctive features:

• The vast open world created in CRYENGINE.
• Absolute freedom of choice of the Player.
• Nonlinear mystic plot.
• Unique system of the Character’s development based on his choice.
• Displacement in dimensions.
• Survival in hostile world full of its mysteries and traps.
• Dynamic system of the battle in the first person based on using swords and magical spells.
• Continuation, ability to rethink, development of the game mechanics, exciting atmosphere of such popular game projects as Stalker and Skyrim.

Vega Studio developers Emails:,
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Hello everyone! We are the group of the Ukrainian developers (Vega Studio). We’re pleased to introduce you the game of Ardagor!
Ardagor: Chronicles of Shadows -this is unique sandbox game in a style of Action / RPG / Survival. Our site:
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