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Dreaming A Little Dream
    As an artist we look for the "right" the "perfect" places, feelings and situations to explore.  I was thinking about a dream that I had but somehow through life's ups and downs, I ignored it.  My dream is to have a small house, whether a bungalow or cot...

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Stitching to the New Year
    The last day of 2015 was a day of calming and laziness.  It was getting cold and freezing drizzle, so it makes leaving a warm colorful home not realistic. So I curled up in my blankets, put on HGTV programs and watched Caribbean homes. While my cats and...

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Painting Thoughts in Watercolor
    Paintings using watercolor.    The concept is about thoughts in a bubble. When stressors increase we go into a bubble and form thoughts that only the self can hear.  When those thoughts are constantly cycling they wind up making bubbles of thoughts in y...

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    Acrylic painting     This is a progression of the current painting.  Mostly it is done by my imagination, however, I looked at a few paintings of mountains for inspiration.           After it dried for awhile, I added the next layer.  (I paint in layers...

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Where oh where have you been???
I have not been too far away, but yet so far away that I can't put it all in this post. For the past several weeks I have the worst set-back with my health.  I was constantly sick, not able to keep any food in my system and the pain in my body from RA infla...

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Last Days of Summer
    The Last Days are winding down to a close...     All I wanted was a day to be creative without being around anyone.    I bought this sketch book and pens and didn't really have a plan. So I started to draw some figures of animals, and as the pictures sh...

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Affirmation Cards
I am an art therapist and mental health counselor. I work with many clients who are depressed and had major trauma.  One of the art tasks that is most helpful, that combines positive thoughts and art, are affirmation cards .  It is really simple, though it ...

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Painting Journal Entry
This week the art journal consists of painting on journal pages.  The only items needed are: Art journal acrylic paint brushes or anything that resembles something that can be used as a "brush" Each evening I painted onto a white page of the journal, using ...

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Pasting Colors
Art from a journal.  Supplies: magazine pages, tissue paper, oil pastel, crayon and marker, glue     Used a black marker and closed my eyes and drew onto the paper in a scribble.  Colored in the shapes with oil pastels. then took a magazine picture and cut ...

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Interesting blog. Like it very much
Creativity is the greatest form of rebellion.~ Osho Rebelle Society is an online hub reporting
ideas and acts of creative rebellion and celebrating the Art of Being Alive.

It’s a virtual country with no borders — except those imposed by the mind —
and all you need to circulate freely through its pages is the passport of imagination.

This is issued to you at birth but it is eventually stolen from you by the Status Quo’s secret agents.

They are the terrible, soul-killing monsters camouflaged in every closet of your life. 
They can easily shift shapes and pass for family, circumstances, work, culture or education. 
They can even pass for your own voice if you distract your heart from beating.

Wherever you are on the Map Back to You, we’d like to add our mojo to your salsa.

We don’t believe in a stagnant or given reality. The events, encounters, actions, discoveries,
learning, adventures, relationships and feelings that we experience on a daily basis are unspeakable,
until we bring them into existence with our perception.

We give our life its color and its voice, we shout our songs over the rooftops of the world.
We say what goes and what stays.

Just like us, reality is dynamic, it can’t be measured and it is related to everything and everyone
in intricate ways, beyond our wildest imagination.

It includes you, me and everyone we’ve ever known. It extends to our ecosystem and all other 
sentient beings, plants and natural phenomena, starting in our own hearts and reaching to the
most distant galaxies, echoing the past and dancing with future 
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