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Ditching the To-Do List
I’m addicted to lists. There, I’ve
said it. And not just lists for myself, but for my husband (the honey-do list),
as well as lists for my children so that we may all have a well-ordered life
together. We make grocery lists every Sunday. I have a birthday l...

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New Book for Educators!
Success with IEPs - BUY NOW by Vicki Caruana T able of Contents Introduction You survey your class roster during preservice and notice symbols next to the names of particular children. Your class list looks like an indecipherable code waiting to be broken. ...

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Move-in Day
It's move-in weekend here at the college where I teach. We're getting ready for hoards of families showing up in planes, trains, and automobiles. For many of our students, this is their first time away from home; many have never traveled beyond their neighb...

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Just in Case
Our eldest son and his wife of barely 2 years just returned from a one week Caribbean cruise. They'd invited us to join them but we were unable to go. Wasn't that kind of them to invite us? Her parents did go with them and I will admit to be a smidge jealou...

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We filled both cars to the brim with belongings and hoped that it would all fit in the new accommodations. After all, student housing isn't known for its storage capability - or its ambiance for that matter. We didn't hit Target on the way to get any dorm d...

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Footprints - Like a Trail of Breadcrumbs
"I can always tell where you've been." My mother would always tell me. You see, I somehow always left a trail. My shoes would be by the front door, my book still on the couch, and my coffee cup still on the kitchen table. Like crime scene evidence, you coul...

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Teachers: "If it's Free, it's For Me!"
Teachers in Hernando County, Florida look giddy as they shop for free classroom supplies at Tools 4 Schools, an initiative by the Hernando County Education Foundation on the site of Springstead High School. The article in the Tampa Bay Times and written by ...

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The HEART and Craft of Teaching
Gustave Baumann,  My newest book released today - The Teacher's Bible - and as a teacher educator I strive to prepare more than the minds of new teachers, but their hearts as well. Teaching has been described as being part art and part craft. I believe it i...

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Being an IEP Advocate, Not an Adversary
I had the opportunity  to talk about how to advocate for the needs of our children with disabilities in a podcast on the Need Project. How can we partner for the sake of our children?

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Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: Where Was I?
On the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger disaster, I remember exactly where I was on that day in 1986. I was a first year teacher and chronicled that day in my book Apples & Chalkdust . Hundreds of squinting eyes focused upward on a cloudless...
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