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I only have eyes for you
#natureartthursday by +Trisha Standard & +Dane Clingan +NatureArtThursday
#pixelbenderpaintitthursday by +Pat A Jordan +Ralitza Tchiorniy & +Alexius Jørgensen +PixelBender PaintIt Thursday
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wow! this is absolultey amazing John! sucha bantastic picture full of lyrical beauty!
its such a great pleasure always to visit your page, your pictures always blow my mind!
Awesome! Its so detailed and colorful, I love it
Your words could be a title of a long meditation and deep concept..such a poetic quote indeed.This is unusual shot ...with lovely colors and warm texture :)
Thank you circle friends
+Mikko Tyllinen thank you my friend, glad you enjoy visiting
+Stefan Skouti thanks. Pixel Bender's Oil Paint filter adds to the perceived detail /micro-contrast & color.
+Ghazi Riman Glad you feel that way... actually when I try to come up with a title I usually go for something funny... this one was meant as a pun. Since peacock feather decorations look like (and are called) "eyes" I borrowed the title of an old song: I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos
Wonderful patterns and colors, very nice in the light box view. I enjoyed the clever title as well! :-)
Outstanding manipulation of the pixel bender tool for this gorgeous subject, +John Christopher. Another +PixelBender PaintIt Thursday masterpiece for our wall. I so appreciate your work. - this one in the Congo too... or the Oregon Wildlife Habitat??? lol...
Thank you +Pat A Jordan, not Africa, this is the Indian blue peacock... I saw him on the beach in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. He was trying to scare away a couple of tigers which gave me a chance to take a photograph ... hoping he tastes more like chicken than I do ... (at least to a tiger)... Or, on second thought, maybe it was in a Southern Oregon Wildlife preserve... how did you guess? :)
hah! Too funny, +John Christopher. One of my favorite haunts when I lived in Vancouver Wa was the Portland Zoo and OMSI. oh, and the tea gardens. .. Would that I could go there now with digital so I was not so worried about burning up film! Ah, to be free! - but Sri Lanka would be good too... just no tigers!
Lovely! Welcome to #natureartthursday !
ae den
wow just wow!!!
Wow - truely amazing capture and great painterly work!
It would be VERY challenging to paint:-) Is this actually one of yoru photographs +John Christopher I realize that I viewed it before and was very impressed but still very very impressed!
Thanks again +Mona Youssef. Yes, of course this is my work. I wouldn't post it under my name otherwise. If you mean is this actually a "photograph"? Some people, in the not too distant past, would say no, because they would only consider it a "photograph" if it came out of the camera looking exactly like this. (Which it did not). To me the process of creating digital photo-art only begins with the camera but it does not end until I have reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted every aspect of the picture to match the image I have in mind. (I wrote a six part series of short blogs about all this, beginning here: ) Thanks again for your kind words.
Thanks +John Christopher for confirming that is a photo and there is no doubt in my mind that was yous. Having it reviewed in your imagination after having it came out of the camera to rbing it to such result is another beautiful art! That was why I was VERY impressed by the process in my comment! It looked like photograph yet like a piece of art! I understand what you are saying, I do face same issue with people who can’t understating that painting from many photographs to create one painting is art and is NOT copying a photo! I take MANY photos to create only one painting and that requires much more than simply copying what we see exactly.
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