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Michiyo Toshima

Hi, I'm Michiyo, from Japan. I've logged in for the first time this year. I noticed I had almost forgotten how to play, but thanks to abufletcher, I could learn again,. I hope I could do smoething better than the last year.

Thank you.

From all those troubles with my so so lap top, I have definitely learned some importances about learners’ motivations; even if the individual learners have motivated, if there were any of unexpected troubles or in down-motivated situations, the learners easily stop keeping up learning. However, I will solve those troubles in order to join in the MC project. I’ll try again this weekend! Wish me luck!

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Waitin’ and waitin’ till I can be connected with the server. It’s been about 30mins. Do I need to restart it?

Hi, I teach English in a small public junior high school in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. I've been told about this community by Don Carroll. I learned conversation analysis and applied lingustics from him when I was a graduate student.( He was a very strict professor. ) I thought I can enjoy some experiences in this community. Though I'm not good at computing, I'd like to explore new ways of English teaching and learning.

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