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UKRG Culture Club: The Paris Secret by Karen Swan
The Paris Secret by Karen Swan ‘Not every
door should be opened’ (Not every book should be opened!) I was given
this book and I thought from the cover it wouldn’t really be my kind of thing,
but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. 
As I suspected, I realise...

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GIS and Loans by Carol Warner, Manager, Government Indemnity Scheme, Arts Council England
We all appreciate the benefit of GIS in supporting our sector, indeed
without it, many of the amazing loans and exhibitions that make our jobs such
rewarding ones, could not happen. ACE estimate the scheme saves the sector £15
million pounds a year, from su...

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Welcome back to UKRG Culture Club! Every few months we will be looking at how Registrars, and the issues we face, influence and are portrayed in popular culture. A registrar’s role, as we all know, has many different guises – the issues we face are commonly...

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New National Museum Policies and their Impact on Collection Managers by Katie Childs (Policy and Projects Manager, National Museum Directors' Council)
Katie Childs opened the July UKRG event “Things you never knew you never knew” giving us an overview
of the changes and reviews which are currently happening in the British public museums
and galleries sector. Since April there have been
many changes in Par...

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Committee Role Highlights: Web Officer
Serving as Web Officer on the UKRG committee has been hugely
rewarding. The first thing I’d say, if you’re considering applying, is that you
don’t necessarily need a great deal of technical expertise before taking on the
role. You’ll be responsible for liai...

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Committee Role Highlights: Treasurer
Being part of the UKRG committee has been a stimulating
learning experience into the world of budgets and the importance of the role of
the registrar. In my time as treasurer I have mastered excel spread sheets,
become acquainted with the banks of South Ken...

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Committee Role Highlights: Supporting Officer
The role
of Supporting Officer is very broad – my main task was to create a sustainable
UKRG Archive. However, my role’s flexibility means I have been able to become
involved with a range of activities at committee level. I assist at Events,
complete admini...

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European Registrars Conference 2016 - Insect Pests out of the Box
Pascal Querner Researcher, University of Natural
Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria My backgrounds; Conservation background qualified with
undergraduate in Art History followed by MA in Conservation in 1992 work as a
freelance conservator mainly f...

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European Registrars Conference 2016 - The transformation of the condition report: from colour-coded pens to digital media
Hefner Head Registrar of the American Federation of Arts, Co-Founder of
Articheck, USA Jennifer started by introducing the background to the development
of the Articheck tool, the progression from the analogue to the
digital. She has managed an eve...

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European Registrars Conference 2016 - Exhibition and Collection Specialists in Asia
Veronica Castilla, Head of Collections
and Exhibition Services, M+, Hong Kong At the last day of the Conference in Vienna we received a brief but
inspiring presentation of the museums and art galleries sector in Asia by
Veronica Castillo. Veronica was a for...
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