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جالبه همه میخوان رای بدن

یعنی اصلا قابل باور برای من نیست

به راستی که افکار مردم شبیه اقیانوس بزرگیه که بدترین فجایع و جنایت ها مثل پرتاب یک سنگ در اونه، فقط یه چندتا موج و بعد دوباره اقیانوسی آرام!

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Not His Happy Place
My son Drew is wired up for epilepsy monitoring in the Neurology ward of Barrows at St. Joseph Hospital/Dignity Health in Phoenix, Arizona. He had over 20 seizures in three days. Not good. He had been without any seizures at all for 6 months. We took him to ER Monday morning and waited 9 hours to get him admitted for a "bed" when a patient left this ward.

For those who "follow" me, you will see images over the next few months from our family life, the way life is. Of course most of my "followers" do see all my images if they are looking at my home stream. But since Google+ has broken the streams to feature "Collections", it is likely that only people who follow me will see this image and see what is going on in our lives.

When I took this image Tuesday night, I asked my son permission to take photos and he granted my request. I had my camera with me because earlier this evening I met up with +Lora Lee Chapman to have our second "photo walk" while she was in Phoenix. Although I did not take any photos while Lora Lee and I were together, we enjoyed dinner at Pita Jungle. I am so hoping to see what she can do with photos she captured as we walked around Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix!

The FYI of this post for those who care: Drew will be having neurosurgery in a few weeks for an urgent operation. He will have a laminectomy to fuse a few vertebra in his neck. The C1 and C2 vertebra in particular are deteriorating over the years so this means that he urgently needs surgery to resolve medical problems that are increasing in severity of symptoms. I will be sharing more as we go along, with Drew's permission. This is a serious surgery and there is no choice as to having it. A saga for sure, of about 2-3 months of intensity. I thank all of my followers and friends in advance for support. Thankfully Drew has Medicaid and Medicare. If his health insurance were to be reduced in coverage over the Trump attempts to disassemble these essential supports, my son would not survive the present crisis. Just sayin'. Peace out.

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Rise of the machines
We thought knowledge was about finding the order hidden in the chaos. We thought it was about simplifying the world. It looks like we were wrong. Knowing the world may require giving up on understanding it.

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به کجا داره می‌ره این دنیا؟
Lunch Shaming
Seriously? What kind of society allows such repugnant practices without storming the person's of charge offices?
My ... one thinks, one have seen most of the mankinds lows but there's always a deeper and darker pit.

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آتش‌نشان‌ها، سرباز‌ها، معدنچی‌ها. غم تو این سرزمین تمومی نداره.

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دیگه اینو ندیده بودم، عالیه
Just one example, taken from the ten finalists of the 2017 Global Teacher Prize
I took the German finalist just to show, that also in Germany the classes are heavily mixed with children of many different origins. :)

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خشونت علیه زنان ممنوع
دوستان خانم برای انجام یک پروژه دستی با "موضوع خشونت علیه زنان را متوقف کنید"، به خاطرات شما و طره کوچکی از موهای زیبایتان (در هر اندازه، جنس یا رنگ) نیاز داریم.
اگر دوست دارید همین‌جا یا پرایوسی پیغام بگذارید.
ـ خاطره شما در مورد خشونتی باشد که با آن روبرو شده‌اید.
ـ خاطره شما بدون ذکر نام و در صورت تمایل با ذکر نام کوچک شما در کنار طره‌موهایتان ذکر می‌شود.
ـ نتیجه کار را همین‌جا با شما به اشتراک خواهیم گذاشت.
ـ دشت اول را هم خودم می‌گذارم.😊
ریشیر مزید امتنان است.
یک دنیا سپاس‌.
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