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Tagaytay Tripping
      Actually my mom does not even have to ask twice whenever she asks me to tag along with her to anything. I don't mind being her designated alalay. Besides, it's always a welcome break anyway from my cranky teenagers and H.      Recently I went with Mom...

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Ode to Our Attic
     Our attic like the rest of our house has gone through
too many transformations. We were not even supposed to have one in the first
place. While our home was under construction though, it took sooooo
long for the roofing contractor to install the act...

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One of the many, many celebrations at home. This was my boodle birthday party last year      H
and I have been so blessed to have our own home very early in our
married life. I was pregnant with Blue when we built our current home.
Red was a year and sev...

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Tayo na sa Antipolo!
     We are not spontaneous.

If there is one thing about my little family, we like things planned. As early as when my kids were babies, their feeding was time, sleep time were scheduled. Everything in almost quartz precision time. ( Not as I had hope...

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I Am Watching You
     I know it has been ages.....      I have not blogged in so long and I can't think of an excuse. I can only blame it on change. My  kids are now terrible teenagers (Believe me worse than the twos. ) Our household has undergone several rounds of re-staff...

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Random OZ
     While trying to de-clutter my computer I came across photos of my Aussie trip last year. Wow! Seems so long ago already!       I always tell people that if I had seen Australia when I was younger, I would have really pushed to move my family there. It ...

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Travel Eats : Wild Honey Singapre
     In a few short breaths, it will be summer and my fellow Filipinos will all be making the dash for the airports, piers and tollways to exciting destinations galore. I am so happy that travel has become more affordable to more people.  I am not ashamed t...

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Pillippa's Bakery: My Happy Place in Melbourne
     Remember my cousin N and his partner M from Hong Kong? Well, they have moved and settled so well to Melbourne. A small group of cousins and I recently visited them and it was like old times. I guess one part of childhood that I will always miss is time...

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Of Snow Buns, Turkey, Ducks and Grandmotherhood
    I am my mom's unofficial alalay ( sidekick).  Growing up highly myopic she used to be mine. Now that she is nearing the big 7-0, I am gladly volunteering to be hers. The role does come with perks and one of them is joining her occasional lunches ( or di...

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Wanted: MASI for Turning 1
      My favorite nephew #3 turned one this week and my whole family was only too excited to celebrate this. My sister. Ava planned a super fun party. I am beginning to miss kiddie parties since my kids are both teenagers now and it has been ages. There was...
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