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Today is a big day!
Greetings everyone, Today is the day! Wheels up in... Until next time...

Happy Days!


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It's official, I'm leaving!
Greetings everyone, Well the time has come! Yesterday around 6:40 AM central time, 2:40 PM Abu Dhabi time, I received my flight itinerary and e-visa  (work entry permit). Barring any booking issues, I'm scheduled to fly out of Birmingham, AL, USA Friday, 12...

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Yay! I'm in group 2!
Greetings everyone, So the time has come. I received an email today notifying me I would be traveling with group 2. People are brought over in groups as their visas process. Well mine has apparently processed and cleared the immigration process. One of the ...

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Updates: What's happening now?
Greetings everyone, As July/August grows nearer, I am receiving more questions about when I'm leaving this country (USA). It's so hilarious to watch people's reaction when I say, "I don't know. Sometime between mid-August to mid-September barring any visa d...

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More Preparation
The time has officially come and gone. Kevin and I turned in the required 60 day notice for our apartment. Flashback to mid-May... I went by the leasing office to find out what we would have to pay because we would be terminating our lease about a month ear...

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Sorting out the banking situation
Greetings everyone! Since today is my second day off (1st without other plans), I'm trying to get more of my checklist done. That's definitely easier said than done as my bed has been calling my name all day long. It is especially hard not that I've found t...

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New post. Check it out!

I've received my offer letter, signed it, and sent it back! I'm so excited. I can't wait to meet all my new friends! 
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