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Please see the answer to IMAD Module P1 exercise - creating a simple web server on your computer using NodeJS and http-server.

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Loneliness, Aloneness and Spirituality: Aloneness is when we go beyond the mind and our body, and allowing our ego to be melt away, letting our soul to illuminate and express it’s natural, pure self, paramananda – the ultimate joy!

Our physical body is sure to come to an end. Its just a matter of time, it could perish at this very moment or after 100 years. There is no way one can maintain the physical body forever. The only thing that stays intact and unchanged life after life is the Soul. Self realization is the absolute awareness that "I" am not the body or the mind.

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Post has attachment neutral to all earthly dualities of life as they are the creation of your own mind and be at the deepest core of your being and experience living as Whole and realize the Absolute Oneness in every living beings...
#tantra #oneness

+Google AdSense I was wondering, why aren't Google ads not Responsive to various display sizes? Or is there any way I can get that done? Thank you! #AdSense

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They can, why can't you..? ;)

“Of all the ways to lose a person, death is the kindest."

Wishing you a very very happy new year. Enjoy living! :)
#newyear #2014
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