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Bon Appetit
I've been kind of obsessed with the new pole that I got in my home, for those that don't know already, I think pole dancing is relaxing and is a effective way to workout and be graceful. Sometimes my friends will find me on the pole just AFK because, that's...

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Swish Swish
It's early on a Sunday morning and I've chosen to do laundry and make a blog post. First and foremost.... ugh, laundry why must you always pile up when I want to be left alone? I try to do it only once a week but it ends up piling up at least twice a week i...

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Not having a good day, so I'm going to just keep to the point... Today I have as a sponsor item Petry Model with the lingerie that I am wearing! In this case I took to my pool to lounge around in it. My readers can pick this up exclusively at the main store...

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Party Til We Die
I'm probably going to nap at some point today because I still have my glasses on and that makes me sleepy. I have one sponsor item for this post, but of course I have an honorable mention (because I am absolutely obsessed with Astralia) because I love this ...

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Candy Shop
I must be on mental adderall. How would I be able to do this without actually taking the med? Simply put, I am hyper right now. I can barley focus yet I am doing a blog post. PERFECT! Lord help me focus tonight haha. This post is of course brought to my rea...

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Fight For You
A very quick post before I have to have a long laborious day at work. So I'm going to keep it short and snappy! First and foremost is the outfit that I am wearing which is of course a 1 Hundred exclusive! My readers can pick this up in the classic 1 Hundred...

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Light My Body Up
This is the way to be... on the Throne of Awesome not giving any F**ks! Today I have a few items for a fun post that I am still mixing with a shopping trip that I took with my Sissah and of course some sponsor items because... I'm a blogger, and bloggers ty...

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I'm making this blog post as I am dancing in my chair because I am listening to some SICK house tunes in world. Trust me, I don't often dance in my chair a lot when it comes to live stream DJ's... so this one is obviously a keeper (shoutout to DJ Max)! I wo...

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I Will Be There
I Will Be There Lyrics I'm ready for the first of finals today... just can't wait to get it over with so I'm going to keep this short of course. This song is kind of a triumph song for me, in the sense that I know I am not alone and that I will always be th...

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Doctor Pepper
I'm not really feeling well, had to get more drops in my ears and I'm stressed out about finals. I am pretty sure it is the drops in my ears that are making me feel sick right now. So I'm going to keep this abnormally short. First and foremost I have the ch...
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